Tale of a Scientist Farmer

Ed Magee spends his days thinking about sunlight. When he isn’t working on his 38-acre orchard of white peaches and nectarines in Vernalis, California, he’s in a lab studying the energy of electrons. This scientist-farmer’s day job aids NASA researchers in determining the elemental mix of stars. Ed is a scientist through and through and he takes a very measured and managed approach to his farming as well. Not only do they prune their trees to reach a shorter height of between 6 and 8 feet for easier picking but they also believe that by not treating their soil with nitrogen during the growing season their trees work harder to produce more sugar for their fruit.

Ed has always been a small family farmer who is concerned about doing things in a sustainable way. Ed uses low-flow micro sprinklers on his orchard. Instead of irrigating his trees through flood irrigation, which can be wasteful, Ed’s micro-sprinklers water a six to eight food circle just around the base of the tree – enough to cover only the root area and nothing more. He manages the water application process based upon the health of the trees, time of year and weather.

E&M farm owl boxEd is also a recipient of our “Farm Steward program.” This year, during the spring, we funded and installed an owl box on his property to help him with pest control. It’s a great, natural way to address rodents who may be looking for water by gnawing through his irrigation system or that might go after the roots of trees.

Local & Regional: As your office fruit delivery company we work hard to bring you fruit grown as close to your workplace as we can. Summer time is the best time of year for local and regional fruit. This week for our east coast customers we have Rising Star Yellow Peaches from Three Springs Fruit Farm in Aspers, CA. On the west coast we have Ed Magee’s White Lady White Peaches, and organic Grand Sweet Nectarines from Olson Organics in Kingsburg, CA. We will also feature Michigan grown Blueberries in our midwest boxes. Please check out our mixes which describe the local and regional product selections by area at

Enjoy and be fruitful!

- Chris Mittelstaedt

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