Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar Snaps are edible-podded peas which are actually young peas still in the pod and intentionally picked while immature. Snap peas are eaten whole. There are strings along the pod, which can be removed or not, according to taste. If the little calyx, or cap, is still attached, that should be removed. “Season simply, cook briefly.”

Sugar Ray Robinson was known as “the best pound-for-pound boxer.” All varieties of peas (whatever weight class they fall under) are some of the best food values per pound. The whole pod contains a good amount of protein—3.7 grams per ½ cup—and only 55 calories.

Preparation Tips

To prepare fresh peas, immerse the pods in boiling water for three minutes, then dunk them in ice water to keep their nice brightgreen color before adding to stir-fries or salads. Another option is to gently sauté in olive oil or butter and herbs. Over-cooking results in limp pods that come apart. Always cook with a light touch for a knockout dish.

Storage Tips

Snap peas will keep in the crisper drawer in a paper bag for up to a couple of weeks (in plastic, use within 3 or so days).
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