Asian Pear

pear_asian_lg Sometimes called “apple-pears” because of their apple-like exterior and pear-like interior, Asian pears are probably one of the first domesticated fruits. With hundreds of cultivars, varieties include Japanese and Korean (which tend to be round) and Chinese (slightly more elongated). Asian pear skin is matte or textured and ranges from green to bronze to gold. The white-to-cream flesh is firm and crisp, with a surprising array of subtle flavors that intensify closer to the core. Asian pears are a great source of dietary fiber. Their season begins in the heat of August and lasts well into the wool-hat portion of fall.

Preparation Tips

Wash Asian pears in cool water before eating. Ripe Asian pears are hard and do not soften. They are ready to eat when purchased.

Storage Tips

Asian pears keep longer than European ones and will keep in the fridge for a few weeks.
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