Bergamot Mint

bergamot-mint-transOne of the heavenly sisters of the mint family. Bergamot mint carries the aroma of bergamot orange that makes Earl Grey so famous. Use as you would fresh mint — make a fresh tea, serve with cantaloupe, or add flavor your couscous.

Preparation Tips

Fresh leaves can be torn or cut chiffonade fashion. To chiffonade, stack the leaves and roll them into a little cigar; cut at an angle. Even if you just use the little florets from the mint tops to add pizzazz to your iced tea, you’ll want to say (in a Euro-infused TV-commercial voice): “Mint, the fresh maker!”

Storage Tips

To store mint, set stems in a jar of water and loosely cover leaves with a plastic bag in the fridge. Plucked leaves can also be frozen or dried.
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