Pinkerton Avocado

pinkerton-avocado-transStealthy Pinkerton agents have nothing on this genuine gem of an avocado. Pinkerton avocadoes are rarely seen in the supermarket (because of their odd shape). Long with a small seed – you can get a lot of avocado value out of them. It turns black as it ripens. Avocados are a healthy substitute for foods rich in saturated fats, like butter and fatty meats.  Smear mashed avocado on bagels, toast or rice cakes – scrumptious!

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Preparation Tips

To ripen, simply place the avocadoes in a paper bag with an apple for company. Apples give off a gas ethylene, a natural ripening agent for most fruits. Leave at room temperature for a few days. When the avocado yields just slightly to pressure - it is ripe..

Storage Tips

Ripe avocados may be refrigerated for a few days, however, opened avocadoes should be sprinkled with lemon juice or vinegar before refrigerating to delay oxidation.
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