Benton Cherries

benton-cherry-transBenton is a registered trademark name for a dark red cherry that ripens the same time as the Bing – “rounda ’bouta bing” you might say. It is a large, sweet cherry.

Recipe Links

Pit cherries the old-fashioned way (with your mouth, being careful not to swallow the pit); use a handheld pitter; or carefully slice and de-pit with the tip of a paring knife. Cherry pit–spitting manners may vary from family to family—but a pair of cherries over the ears is in fashion everywhere.

Preparation Tips

Unlike other stone fruit, cherries are picked ripe. They may be left on the counter for a couple of days out of direct sunlight or refrigerated in a plastic bag for several days. Do not wash until ready to eat, as excess moisture during storage can cause them to meet an untimely demise. When ready to use, rinse and let warm to room temperature for best flavor. (Although they’re also great pitted and frozen for a refreshing treat in the hot summer months!)
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