Chioggia Beets

chioggia_beets_lgThe Chioggia Beet is an heirloom variety, hailing from Chioggia, a miniature Venice on Italy’s Adriatic Sea. Chioggia stripes + cooking = pink. If you want to preserve the beets’ unusual design, slice and serve raw. Cook them gently, steam, boil, or roast. To get the most nutrients, cook beets with the skin on and then peel afterwards. This makes clean up easier too although the Chioggias don’t “bleed” as much as other red beets.

Preparation Tips

Cooked: Scrub and remove tops and bottoms. Roast in covered pot with a little water in bottom of pot. They are done when easily pierced with a fork (30-40 minutes). Run under cold water and peel. Raw: Scrub and peel outer layer; slice or grate in salads.

Storage Tips

Break or cut greens 2 inches from root. Store beet roots in a bag in the crisper, for no more than 1 week. Greens should be used immediately or stored separately wrapped in paper towels in a plastic bag and will last a couple of days.
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