Support Your Local Food Bank!


FruitGuys volunteers help pack more than 2,700 food boxes for seniors By Gretchen Bay Two enthusiastic teams from The FruitGuys South San Francisco office volunteered on consecutive Fridays at our local San Francisco-Marin Food Bank last month. Our groups helped pack more than 2,700 food boxes for seniors as part of the Food Bank’s Home-Delivered Groceries program, [...]

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Gravenstein Farmers Get Cash Money

Stan Devoto with 2012 donation purchase

Apple Box Gives Back to Farmers By Miriam Wolf Since 2006, The FruitGuys has supported the famed and endangered Gravenstein Apple by offering a special Gravenstein box each August that benefits Sonoma County’s few remaining Gravenstein apple farmers. The Gravenstein Box makes it possible for apple lovers nationwide to have access to this heirloom fruit. [...]

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Hungry for Farmland

World’s Small Farms Squeezed by Land Pressures By Stephanie Rosenbaum Klassen If you live in an eco-conscious region fighting to preserve its local family farms, chances are you’ve seen bumper stickers such as ““Know your farmer, know your food.” “I don’t buy food from strangers.” And “Who’s your farmer?”  maybe on a beat-up pickup truck [...]

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Buy a Box; Save an Apple


The Gravenstein Box Supports an Endangered Apple By Miriam Wolf Like the snowy owl and the snail darter, foods can be endangered too. If farmers stop growing your favorite variety of tomato because it’s too hard to ship or too prone to pests, we come that much closer to a bland, unified way of eating [...]

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The FruitGuys Community Fund Newsletter Archive

Welcome to the newsletter archive for The FruitGuys Community Fund, a nonprofit fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives. We support farms, farmers, and policies that allow for greater environmental and economic health. Small Farms Get a Hand July 2014  

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Our Sustainability Manifesto

The FruitGuys Community Fund helps farmers to implement the most innovative and ecologically sustainable farm management practices available to preserve and enhance the quality of the farmland and the surrounding landscape while respecting farmer’s autonomy and their need to make a good living from farming. Our farmers and their farms are vibrant participants in the [...]

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Alumni Grantees: Class of 2013

July 2013 Adam & Ryan with spreader 1

By The FruitGuys Community Fund In the Community Fund’s first year of operation, we gave nearly $20,000 in grants to five farms and agricultural nonprofits in California and Pennsylvania. Here are some updates on how their projects went. 2013 Grantees:  New Family Farm in Sebastopol, CA; Red Heart Ranch in Finley, CA; Snipes Family Farm [...]

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Small Farms Get a Hand


The FruitGuys Community Fund 2014 Grantees By Melissa Nguyen Family farms of different sizes and generations, as well as non-profit organizations that serve schools and urban and rural lower income areas are among the recipients of the 2014 The FruitGuys Community Fund small farm sustainability grants. “We’re very excited about the broad range of projects, [...]

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New Funding Resource for Small Farms


The FruitGuys Community Fund 2014: 8 Grants & Expansion to 3 Regions By The FruitGuys Community Fund SAN FRANCISCO — Family farms of different sizes and generations, as well as non-profit organizations that serve schools and the urban and rural poor are among the recipients of the 2014 The FruitGuys Community Fund small farm sustainability [...]

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Pennsylvania Farm Country

Rice Fruit Co. Apple line

Winter spared most fruit trees, so summer will be sweet Story and photos by Alexander Scaletta I recently traded the concrete jungle of Philadelphia’s inner city for the rolling fields and farm houses of Adams County, PA, to check in with two family farms that provide fruit for The FruitGuys throughout the year. Three Springs I [...]

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Perspectives on Drought Part 2: Jeff Main of Good Humus Produce


By Jeff Main Farmer at Good Humus Produce, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop. To start the New Year, there are as usual many things on our minds. The most pertinent is what to say when asked about the drought? Of course it can be paralyzing: the thought of extended drought is one of the [...]

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California Drought Report: Alexis Robertson of Skyelark Ranch


By Farm Shop Employee Alexis Robertson, co-authored and edited by Seth Wright, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Recently, California’s growers and water districts approached Governor Jerry Brown to declare California in a state of drought. It has been one of the driest winters on record and the state’s reservoirs, snow pack, streams and rivers [...]

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2013 GoodWorks

Fruit Cornucopia 4

A Record Year for Giving Back From Farm to Table    By Miriam Wolf Each year, The FruitGuys GoodWorks program supports people, projects, and good health from the field to the table, and 2013 was a record year for giving. In keeping with the long-held tradition of providing healthy food to those who might not otherwise [...]

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Eat Fruit & Be Happy


By Alex Scaletta BOYERTOWN, PA — You may think “farmer direct” and “local produce” are trendy concepts invented for the millennium, but Boyertown, Pennsylvania’s Frecon Farms has been getting their fruit directly into the hands of consumers almost since its inception in the 1940s. Mary Frecon, mother of farm founder Richard Frecon, started a roadside [...]

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The FruitGuys Plant a Tree for UMOM


By Melissa Nguyen Since 1964, UMOM has helped Arizona families in need, and The FruitGuys is proud to have such a wonderful organization as one of its community partners. The largest homeless shelter in the state, UMOM provides transitional housing and services, including medical aid, life skills, and child care – for up to 425 [...]

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Navels from the Orange Patch


By Heidi Lewis Phoenix and Mesa, AZ, locals may know the Salt River for tubing fun, but it also has a serious job of watering the luscious navel orange, grapefruit, and tangerine trees of Lehi Valley. Starting this week, we’ll see the benefits of the Salt River and the wonderful fruit grown by the Freeman [...]

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Going Perm


Permaculture Creates Sustainable Farmscapes By Heidi Lewis Permaculture has been making its way into mainstream discussions of agriculture, coming down the rainspout fed by the work of gardeners, farmers, ecologists, and visionaries. But what exactly does it mean? The term permaculture is derived from the words permanent and agriculture. It is essentially a system for [...]

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The FruitGuys Community Fund


Non-Profit Supports Small Family Farms By The FruitGuys Community Fund Small independent family farms are critical to agricultural and economic diversity yet they are endangered, operating precariously at the mercy of the weather, market forces, land speculation, and regulation. One of the biggest hurdles faced by small farmers is access to capital. The FruitGuys Community [...]

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10 Fun Facts About Citrus


by Farm Shop Team Member Seth Wright, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Once again we have felt a monumental shift in the weather here in the valley. Pleasantly warm fall days have given way to frosty mornings that turn into short frigid days. Many trees have been stripped bare of their leaves by the [...]

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Giving Thanks


The cycle of a year’s labor has come near full circle. Last week we had a day of Thanksgiving – a time for reflection about the many gifts received this year. Our labors this past year upon this generous land have yielded a remarkable bounty of beautiful and tasty crops. From the slow growing greens [...]

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The Greens Challenge


By Farm Shop Team Member Seth Wright, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Greens are back folks and they are back in a big way. From now until summer, a diversity of greens will be a big part of your diet. This is because they thrive in the cool, wet weather that is quickly approaching. This [...]

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Reflections on Rain & Thanksgiving


By Farm Shop Team Member Seth Wright, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop One of the most beautiful scenes in Capay Valley is when it rains. A low mist creeps up over the surrounding hills, and drops of water fall steadily from the sky, quenching the thirsty, sun-baked golden hills. As I sit here and reflect [...]

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Snipes Farm

Cows close up-feat

By Kim Jordan Snipes Farm and Education Center in Morrisville, PA, was one of five farms awarded grants in April 2013 from The FruitGuys Community Fund, established in 2012 as a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives. The Community Fund gives resources to small farms for sustainable agriculture projects that contribute to environmental and economic [...]

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The North Wind Howls


By Jeff Main, Farmer at Good Humus Produce, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Here it is November with that dry and dusty north wind that sometimes occurs to pile the leaves for us, to knock down the last of the acorns, and in general to blow away the last of the summer. The north wind [...]

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Arizona’s Own Valley Farms


by Heidi Lewis At 4,000 feet, the Willcox area in Northern Cochise County, AZ, was known as the “Cattle Capital” in the Old West days. Situated near Dos Cabezas Mountains, Willcox is now a major producer of diverse agriculture, including some of Arizona’s best-tasting apples. Valley Farms has grown heritage apples for Arizona markets since [...]

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The Last Pixie Show


Fall is a time to rest and miss Ojai Tangerines By Farmer George, courtesy Friend’s Ranch Ever wonder what an Ojai Pixie does during the off-season? Well here is a little insight about the secret lives of out-of-season Pixies. Lately some friends of mine, during our usual after-school parking lot conversation, had asked me a [...]

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The Hoes Down Harvest Festival Report


by Seth Wright, Farm Shop Team Member, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Education, family fun, music and food were all a part of the celebration at the 26th annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival which took place October 5th at Full Belly Farm. This year, the Festival attracted more than 5,000 people, all of them prepared [...]

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SOS: Save Our Seed


Sonoma County’s Heirloom Expo is The World’s Pure Food Fair  By Heidi Lewis Santa Rosa, CA — Billing itself as the “The World’s Pure Food Fair,” The Heirloom Expo is centered on promoting heirloom fruits and vegetables and raising awareness around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food supply. With speakers, vendors, and activities for [...]

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Fall Flavors To Savor


By Seth Wright of Capay Valley Farm Shop The mornings have become brisk and the days are growing shorter; fall is approaching rapidly in the Capay Valley. Technically, it will be officially here in less then a week. There is much to be excited about with its arrival. In the shop we are looking forward [...]

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Fall Planting


By Jeff Main of Good Humus Produce, courtesy of Capay Valley Farmshop The next 2-3 weeks a critical time for us, and our performance now will determine the success of the winter vegetables. I have finally, after about 35 years of learning, (hard to get it in, hard to get it out of my head), [...]

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A Look Back At August On Riverdog Farm


Courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop 8/27/13 The first sign of the changing seasons in our region is cooler nighttime temperatures. Last week we had nighttime temperatures in the low fifties. There is also a lot of morning dew which indicates that the day and nighttime temperatures are far apart, sometimes by 40 degrees!! Cooler temperatures [...]

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Apple Farmers Benefit from Grav Box


By Heidi Lewis In September, when apple season is just hitting its zenith in most of the country, the harvest is already fading in Sonoma County, CA, where the Gravenstein Apple reigns supreme. The Grav (as it’s known) is one of the earliest apples to appear in the market; it’s ready to harvest in August. [...]

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Tales of Tomato Season


By Farm Shop Team Member Seth Wright, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop As I drive around the valley, everywhere I look tomato plants are quickly growing larger. Watching them grow is torture because tomatoes have been on my mind since they went out of season early last fall. The funny thing is, I didn’t even [...]

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Ten Tasty Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About the Peach


By Farm Shop Team Member Seth Wright, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Peaches have been on my mind lately. They are my favorite fruit, and they grow bountifully and beautifully here in the Capay Valley. Many of our farms here cultivate more than one variety, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to try [...]

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A Look Back At July On Riverdog Farn


Courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop July 29, 2013 As crazy as it sounds, this week we’ll be transplanting the final round of watermelons (August 1st melon planting?!). This 
round was part of a larger seeding group, most of which left the greenhouse a week or two ago. These starts just took a bit longer to

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Save The Gravenstein

hale grav tree!

Celebrate Sonoma County’s Heirloom Apple By Heidi Lewis “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” —Martin Luther (1483-1546, German monk and church reformer) In a world awash with Red Delicious apples grown for their size, color, durability, and profitability—but definitely not their flavor—keeping [...]

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Profile: Olson Family Farms

Drying Fruit-feat

Fifth Generation Organic Stone Fruit Farm By Heidi Lewis Olson Family Farms in California’s Central Valley is truly a family affair. Five generations have lived on the farmstead and worked the land since John and Anna Olson emigrated from Sweden in 1888. They bought a 22-acre parcel in Kingsburg (Fresno County) and planted peach trees. [...]

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Busy Summer Months


from Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Summer is always a particular kind of crazy. Walk-in coolers are brimming with produce and farm driveways and pack areas are a non-stop flow of trucks and tractors and crews. The weather is hot, the hours are long and there’s always more to be done. [...]

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Who Is That In My Organic Sweet Corn?

From Capay Valley Farm Shop Open up your corn and find a little surprise? Organically grown corn has a pest that many farmers and consumers have learned to live with. Understanding the growing and handling of fresh-picked, organic sweet corn just may increase your appreciation of this summer treat. Adult corn earworm moths lay eggs [...]

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A Little Apricot History


from Good Humus Produce, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop A combination of Royal and Blenheim Apricots From the Luxemburg Gardens in Paris to England’s Blenheim Palace to the imperiled orchards of Brentwood and ‘Gilroy, California’s finest apricot has had a long journey. Whether you call it the Blenheim, the Royal or, covering all bases, the [...]

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Lots of Heat Means Good Eats


By Seth Wright, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop It has been an unusually hot and dry spring here in the Capay Valley.  The rain, which usually occurs from January until the end March, never really materialized.  There have been many beautiful sunny, warm and cloudless days this spring. We valley dwellers have even endured a [...]

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Moore Oklahoma Relief Effort


By Meta Dunn A Tornado Strikes At 2:56 pm, Monday, 20 May 2013, an F5 category tornado touched down west of Newcastle, Oklahoma, and headed toward the town of Moore. The tornado stayed on the ground for 39 minutes and covered a span of 17 miles.  At its peak, the tornado was 1.3 miles wide. In its aftermath, 24 people were found [...]

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Organic Vs. Conventional: The Long Term Study


By Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop I participate in a national group that for the past few years has worked to develop policy and action recommendations for food and agriculture.  The group includes people from various parts of the food chain, and it has been clear from the start [...]

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Helping Oklahoma


FruitGuys Chicago Brings Aid to 2013 Tornado Area By Pia Hinckle Meta Dunn was driving to work at The FruitGuys Chicago warehouse listening to radio reports of the devastation from the massive tornado in May 2013 that destroyed miles of Moore, Oklahoma, killing 24 people including 9 children, when she thought, “What can we do [...]

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New Family Farm

new family farm

Powered by Horse By Heidi Lewis New Family Farm of Sebastopol, California, was one of six farms awarded grants in April 2013 from The FruitGuys Community Fund, a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives. An outgrowth of the company’s Farm Steward Program, the Community Fund gives resources to small farms for sustainable agriculture projects that [...]

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Can Gardens Transform Detroit?


by Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop I was recently in Detroit for a food and farming policy meeting. While there, our group took a field trip to meet local leaders in the urban gardening and farm to school movement. On the way, looking out the windows of the bus, we [...]

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In Our Spring


by Jeff Main of Good Humus Farm, Courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop With the passing of the equinox a few weeks ago, and all the warmth and wetness of the last week or so, everything on the farm has finally decided that it will go with: It’s Spring! And with that decision by all [...]

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Capay Valley Garden Tour


The farm is so alive during this time of year! Everywhere you turn, it seems like something new is blooming, growing or coming to life. Though the hot summer seems to be racing towards us, with harvests of tomatoes, melons and squash coming soon, everyone seems to be totally rejuvenated by the bright green hills [...]

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The Strawberry Patch


By Reed Adam, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop On a warm June day, the aroma from field of sweet peas behind the T and Y Strawberry Patch, located just west of Woodland on Highway 16, is overpowering, providing a sensory counterpoint to the stunning display of the flowers themselves: a sea of whites, reds, [...]

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Greenhouse Work


By Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Years ago, when European lords and ladies were interested in botany and agriculture, greenhouses were elaborate, beautiful buildings covered with glass and full of complicated heating, cooling and lighting equipment. If these grand greenhouses at Kew Gardens or the Palace of Versailles form [...]

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Farmers on Food Safety


By Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop When I first heard the term “food safety” I knew that even the term itself was a problem, representing an approach to our food that calls lettuce bathed in chlorine “safe” and lettuce with a speck of dirt on it “contaminated.” Now, a few years [...]

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Voices From The Field


From Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop This week we wanted to let folks learn a little bit more about the people who work at Full Belly Farm, so we interviewed one of the crew members who irrigates the crops, Arturo Gaxiola. Full Belly: First, please tell me a bit about your job [...]

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Durst Organic Growers

durst organics truck

Farming with Heart By Heidi Lewis The main ingredient in good vegetables, says farmer Jim Durst, is soil: “Feed the soil, and the soil will feed the plants.” Jim and his wife, Deborah, have been farming their land at the mouth of the Capay Valley in Yolo County, CA, since the 1980s. Jim caught on [...]

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News From The Farm


From Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop March 18, 2013 Saturday March 16 was a banner day at Full Belly Farm: one of the earliest days in recent years that we were able to plant our first tomatoes. A crew of 8 carefully transplanted the tomatoes from their warm safe spot in the [...]

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Sometimes Seeing The Beauty


by Paul Muller of Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop There is an eye with which we experience the world, an interaction between the object perceived and the observer. Often times two people looking at the same object or event can see very different things. It is a Confucius-like allusion that could be [...]

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A Clean Food System?


By Jeff Main of Good Humus Produce,courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop How many stories have we read about in the last five years about people around the country eating spinach, strawberries, salad mix, cantaloupe in various states, farms organic or not organic that have caused sickness to the extreme of dying from eating these [...]

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Farming In Frost


As the weather warms and dries a little in February and March, it’s easy to think that spring has arrived and therefore the warm weather crops should be close behind. But the delay from the green house or the field to your FarmShare is 2- 3 months or more. Some of the leanest months for [...]

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2012 GoodWorks

E&M farm owl box

New Non-Profit Group Will Help Small Farms By Pia Hinckle The FruitGuys has formed a new non-profit organization to promote sustainable agriculture practices for small farms, an evolution of the company’s Farm Steward Program, which has provided farmers with aid since 2008. “We thought that the development of a non-profit entity was important so that [...]

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Ruesch Century Farm

cranberry rake

Cranberries by Hand By Heidi Lewis  Have you ever been browsing in an antique store and found a wooden box with rakish teeth on it? It could be a hand cranberry rake, a farm implement of yore. Possibly the same kind that farmer Brian Ruesch of Ruesch Century Farm uses today on his tiny organic [...]

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All in the Family Farm

iron creek farm

Profile: Iron Creek Farm of LaPorte, IN By Heidi Lewis In America, the small family farm has become a heritage breed as cherished and coveted as the heirloom plants some of them grow. The 2007 agriculture census reported that nearly 40 percent of all U.S. farms are under 50 acres. According to the census there [...]

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Zero Hunger Challenge


By Judith Redmond, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Our refrigerator offers leftovers, several days after our Thanksgiving feast. We’re still enjoying roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. But this isn’t altogether unfamiliar – our Thanksgiving feast is only different in terms of scale – the farm always provides such abundant quantities of food [...]

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Know Your Farmer: Fiddler’s Green

Courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop The Fiddler’s Green is a place first described in 18th century Irish sailing lore. The Fiddler’s Green is utopia where all your desires are met; where the grog never runs dry and the tobacco pipes are always full. Farmer Jim Eldon is one of the lucky ones to stumble [...]

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Hale’s Apple Farm

hale farm

Sonoma County Apple Veteran Dave Hale By Heidi Lewis In Fall, you can’t miss the explosion of roadside color that is Hale’s Apple Farm as you drive along Route 116 just north of Sebastopol, CA. The riot of piles of brilliant gourds can cause the unwary traveler to swerve. Best pull over for a better look. Orange and [...]

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Sowing & Growing Unique Crops


Courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Although the Capay Valley is increasingly known for it’s amazing fruit and vegetable farms, there are other projects and crops worth noting! These three made it into several local newsletters recently, along with a little Capay Valley history. Organic Indigo From Riverdog Farm We are growing a ½ acre experimental [...]

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Waiting For Rain


By Jeff Main for Good Humus Produce, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Waiting for Rain. It’s been a long six months since we felt rain on our faces. The last rain was in April, mid-spring really, and now it is mid-Autumn, with a long, long summer just passed. That is a long stretch without [...]

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The Fall Finish Line


by Jeff Main of Good Humus Produce, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop OK. Can we finally stop and say summer is finished? We have crossed what we assume is the finish line still standing, wobbly and exhausted. Looking around, we notice that we have crossed several starting lines while approaching this finish. The muddy [...]

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Betwixt and Between


By Rawley Johnson of Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop October is my favorite month on the farm because of its in-betweenness. The weather is not so extremely hot anymore but not so extremely cold yet either. The first rains freshen and green up the parched dry ground, but spares us the [...]

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The Work & Play Of Sustainability


By Paul Muller of Full Belly Farm, Courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop For those of you who were able to attend our October 6th Hoes Down Harvest Festival, thank you for making the day an incredible experience and wonderfully successful event. Nearly 6,000 folks celebrated the closing of a long summer season with dance, great [...]

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Gabriel Farm 2.0

gabriel farm

How about a U-Pick CSA? By Heidi Lewis There is such a thing as too much love. Lucy and Torrey Olson’s Gabriel Farm in Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma County) was one of the few U-Pick apple farms in the San Francisco Bay Area. People loved to come pick Fuji apples, persimmons, and blackberries at their lovely [...]

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Small Farm Beauty

pippin apples

By Heidi Lewis  I have them. You have them. We all have them. Imperfections. The keen fruit observer will notice that commercially grown fruit is generally quite uniform, and fruit from smaller, local farms often isn’t. For example, family farm–grown apples, compared to those produced in a big agricultural operation, may come out with imperfections—stems [...]

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By Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Last Saturday was the Equinox – it happens twice a year, once as the days become shorter, once again as the days become longer. For us here in the northern hemisphere, we feel the approach of Autumn. On the other side of [...]

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Hoes Down Harvest Festival


By Hallie Muller of Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop Twenty five years ago the Hoes Down Harvest Festival at Full Belly Farm started as a seed with the intent of bringing people out to the country, creating a memorable time and at the same time planting in their heads the significance [...]

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Baia Nicchia Microloan Update


Farm Steward By Karla Milosevich In 2011, The FruitGuys’ Farm Steward program financed a $3,000 no-interest loan to Baia Nicchia Farm and Nursery in Sunol, CA. Baia Nicchia is a family farm, run by Fred Hempel and Jill Shepard, that grows heirloom tomatoes, specialty squash, peppers, and herbs.  FruitGuys volunteers also helped plant tomato seedlings last May. [...]

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Central Region Tightening its Fruit Belt

peach crate

By Heidi Lewis In agriculture, weather is more than a conversation starter—rain, sun, wind, and frost are collectively the Numero Uno topic for farmers. This year for Midwest farmers, weather is more about the Walk than the Talk. The Midwest fruit belt region in general, including southwest Michigan, where The FruitGuys buys a lot of [...]

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Marty’s Angels!


No, it’s not a new TV series—Marty’s “angels” are Angelcots, a special variety of apricots grown exclusively by Marty Maggiore and his family in Brentwood (Contra Costa County), CA. Every year, at some point during stone fruit season, The FruitGuys crates across the country feature these light, cream-colored apricots with a bit of blush and [...]

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August Field Notes from Riverdog Farm


Courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop 8/6/12 The mystery white peach orchard was so prolific – both high yielding by sheer number of fruit but also by size – this year that we are sun-drying some of them this week. They ripen quickly off the tree and have to be picked firm to prevent bruising. [...]

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From Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop. Last week, if you were to consult a weather map, you would find that temperatures in the Bay Area were almost 50° cooler than those that we were experiencing in Guinda. The daytime highs forecast for our coming week are as follows: 111, 109, 108, [...]

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Ode to a Grav Grower

lee walker gravenstein farmer

Walker Family Stuck Through Boom and Bust By Pia Hinckle Lee Walker has been farming with his family in their Graton, CA, apple orchard his whole life, except for a tour in the army and a few years playing pro baseball. Lee has kept growing Gravenstein apples through both the thick and the thin-skinned times [...]

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