Naked Lunch

Easy take away for a picnic salad

Layered lunches in a See-Through Jar By Miriam Wolf The Mason jar—that humble, old-fashioned glass canning jar—has taken the place of the Bento Box as the latest lunchtime accessory.  And why not? Using a quart-size jar as a container for salad is a great idea. The classic lines of the canning jar are the perfect [...]

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Field Trips July 2013

events july 2013

CENTRAL Taste of Chicago July 10-14 Chicago, IL Eco Adventure Camp July 29 Chicago, IL Lawndale Garden Tour Aug 4 Chicago, IL EAST Bastille Day Festival - Storm Eastern State Penitentiary July 13 Philadelphia, PA Family Camping Pelham Bay July 6 Bronx, NY Garden Series – Walk ‘n Talk Weeds July 13 Philadelphia, PA SOUTHWEST Garden [...]

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How to Can Perfect Pears


Nonagenarian Marie Seppa Cans it Like it is By Pia Hinckle SANTA ROSA, CA– Marie Seppa knows her way around a canner. A spry 92-year-old with bright blue eyes, Marie has been canning since she was a child growing up on a farm in Eastern Oregon in the ‘20s. Her specialty: pears. “All pears can, [...]

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A Canning Primer By Pia Hinckle Harvest time always brings an embarrassment of riches to your table. What to do with 25 pounds of zucchini? Tomatoes finally came in last week? Can’t eat another pear tart but ready to try making preserves? Using this basic primer on canning — or jarring, really — anyone can do it. [...]

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Taking Canning to the Next Level

Just orange and red jelly

Using Pectin is Key to Jams and Jellies By Erin Mittelstaedt Canning helps us make new family traditions and memories. This year it was a kitchen covered in splashes of red pomegranate juice; mashing batches of persimmons to music; and making massive amounts of spaghetti sauce with my brother’s family, kids and all. I often [...]

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The Rhythm of Fall

Fig jam

By Paul Muller of Full Belly Farm, courtesy of Capay Valley Farm Shop The farm is sliding into the rhythm of a welcome fall. Last week’s rain was a signal to slow down, breathe deeply, and remember crisp, clean October color. Damp air permeated even the driest of spaces and the moisture washed everything clean. The [...]

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Field Trips

gravenstein apple fair

WEST Gravenstein Apple Fair Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma Co.) Aug. 14-15 Preparing the Fall Garden Class Santa Cruz, CA Aug. 28 Old-Fashioned Threshing Bee Templeton, CA (San Luis Obispo Co.) Sept. 4 CENTRAL Summer Canning Basics Class Kalamazoo, MI Aug. 17 & 19 Indiana Honey Bee Awareness Day Terre Haute, IN Aug. 21 Heirloom Tomato Weekend [...]

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Care to Can?


By Pia Hinckle Peaches! Tomatoes! Blackberries! Oh my! The peak of summer harvest brings an embarrassment of riches to your table. Why not preserve some of your favorite summer tastes for later in the year? Here’s a basic primer on canning, or jarring, that anyone can do. You can jar fresh tomatoes, fruits, and vegetables, [...]

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