Happiness is. . . Folate, Fruit, and Parrots


Maybe it’s the rain, or the cold, or the winter light, but at this time of year those Calgon-take-me-away-moments seem nearer.  One of the best for me was a few winters back: at a small restaurant I was helping my twin toddlers and my young son, who was wearing his favorite stuffed green parrot wrapped [...]

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Vitamin D – What’s all the fuss?


Vitamin D has been getting a lot of attention lately for several reasons. It appears that vitamin D deficiency may affect many more people than previously thought who reside at mid-northern latitudes, including most of the United States. This is true even at the current recommended daily intake of 400 International Units (IU). The National [...]

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Time to Hibernate?

resting by fireplace

Although we do not hibernate the same way as bears and chipmunks, we humans do respond physically to the winter season. Both colder temperatures and decreased natural light trigger responses in us we may or may not be aware of. Modern life often requires us to act against these natural changes, leaving us more vulnerable to disease and unhealthy tendencies.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Spinach leaves

By Chris Mittelstaedt Let’s admit it, the holidays can be stressful. Whether it’s your mother and father crammed into the guest bedroom telling you not to go to any extra trouble, and that they can sleep on the air mattress (“although it will most likely set off your father’s sciatica”); or it could be your [...]

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