Powerhouse Foods Rule

Get to Know the Most Nutrient-Dense Fruits and Veggies By Maggie McLain You can’t escape hearing about “superfoods,” whether its in the media or in the shopping aisles. From locally-grown blueberries and kale to imports like acai or coconut oil, we are constantly being marketed foods that are said to be somehow superior to all [...]

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Eat Less and Eat Better

dietary guidelines

New Federal Dietary Guidelines Released Every five years the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture update their guidelines for healthy eating. The 2010 dietary guidelines, released at the end of January 2011, offer more of the same advice as past ones: drink water instead of soda, cut back on [...]

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Highlight from the Berkeley Wellness Letter: The Appeal of a Peel

When you remove the peel or skin from fruits and vegetables, you lose a lot of nutrition, since it’s a concentrated source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and potentially beneficial phytochemicals. The pigments in produce are healthful, and the skins or peels are often the most colorful part. Vegetable peels or skins are particularly good sources [...]

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We ♥ Fruit

February is American Heart Month. Not just the chocolate-filled, pink-foiled, “Will you be my valentine?” heart month, but the 10 oz muscle-that-pumps-blood-oxygen-and-nutrients-thoughout-your-body-so-you-can-live month. The Heart Association probably got February because it looks really good in red, but isn’t every month, heart month? And every day, heart day? Your heart beats 60-100 times a minute depending [...]

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