Rosemary is an evergreen like eucalyptus and pine, and to be ever green requires fortitude and terpenes. This strong medicinal aromatic herb pairs well with roasted veggies and will lift your spirit to boot. Fresh rosemary can help increase circulation and boost the immune system. It is thought to improve digestion and enhance memory. Oh, [...]

Preparation Tips

Here are a few of our favorite culinary uses for it: Try adding rosemary sprigs to roasted potatoes and other veggies; include in pasta sauces, dressings, and soups; sprinkle over garlic bread or fresh pizza dough with a little sea salt; add to omelettes and other egg dishes; mix into polenta or risotto.

Storage Tips

Place fresh rosemary (stem end down) in a jar in the fridge with a bit of water—like flowers in a vase—and place a plastic bag loosely over top. Or wrap stems in a damp paper towel and place bunch in a plastic bag in the fridge.
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Field Trips

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