Bees: Medicine from the Hive

Bees working on honeycomb

By Heidi Lewis Definition: hive [haiv] n. A large group of people buzzing about everything bee related, swapping hints and tips, rubbing elbows and listening to expert entomologists with great reverence, concern and interest for the world’s bee population. The Fifth Annual Bee Symposium, held in March in Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma County), was a hive [...]

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How Do I Love Bee?


Farmer-Beekeepers Count the Ways Honey from bees is quite the miracle. Why does it taste so good? And why does it have so many healing properties? Many scientists have studied the organization of beehives and the behavior of bees, but it is philosophers such as Rudolf Steiner who give us a clue to the answer: [...]

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Field Trips

gravenstein apple fair

WEST Gravenstein Apple Fair Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma Co.) Aug. 14-15 Preparing the Fall Garden Class Santa Cruz, CA Aug. 28 Old-Fashioned Threshing Bee Templeton, CA (San Luis Obispo Co.) Sept. 4 CENTRAL Summer Canning Basics Class Kalamazoo, MI Aug. 17 & 19 Indiana Honey Bee Awareness Day Terre Haute, IN Aug. 21 Heirloom Tomato Weekend [...]

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