“Where’s Your Coat, Child?”


By  Heidi Lewis The parenting adage goes, “Put on a sweater, your mother is cold,” but we needn’t worry about the health of a nectarine, which is indeed a sweater-less peach. Peaches’ fuzzy coats help protect them because pests don’t care for their texture, but nectarines get extra mothering. Nectarines thrive with the special care that many orchardists [...]

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Nectarine Recipes

Preparation Tips

Wash right before eating or cutting. Nectarines add sweetness sliced into green or fruit salads. They hold together well when baked in crisps or grilled and topped with cream. They can also be sliced in a glass and covered with your favorite wine for dessert.

Storage Tips

Nectarines are climacteric, which means they ripen after picking. They should be stored at room temperature, away from sunlight and heat until they give softly to touch and have a sweet aroma. We strive to deliver them to you on the firm side so they won’t be damaged in the shipping. Ripening can be hastened by placing them in a paper bag on the counter. When they’ve reached the desired ripeness, eat or refrigerate for up to several days.
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