Dr. Leekey Presents


By Heidi Lewis We are very pleased to have renowned veggipologist Mary Leekey here with us today to present her seminal scholarly paper: “Demystifying Leeks.” Dr. Leekey: “Thank you esteemed colleagues, honored guests, and fellow vegetable aficionados. For your consideration today, the leek—an elegant vegetable with a long, rich history. The slender stalks of leeks [...]

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Unraveling Leeks


“Just the facts, ma’am.” “Well, I was trying to open my TakeHome case, and Blam-o! A secret agent man tackled my box.” “‘Blam-o,’ huh? How did he get here?” “By helicopter.” “Helicopter, huh? Did he say anything?” “Yeah. He said the president of the CIA would—” “CIA, huh?” “Culinary Institute of America.” “What’s in the [...]

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Flattering Parsnips

Fresh Parsnips

by Heidi Lewis The hearth-warming parsnips in our Central TakeHome cases this week are a quintessential flavor in classic holiday fare, perhaps attributed to their name, which sounds perfectly Victorian when you say it with an English accent. The name “parsnip” is attributed to the portmanteau of parsley and turnip. A portmanteau is a mashup [...]

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Yellow Onions

“It’s hard to imagine civilization without onions,” said Julia Child.

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