The FruitGuys Community Fund


Non-Profit Supports Small Family Farms By The FruitGuys Community Fund Small independent family farms are critical to agricultural and economic diversity yet they are endangered, operating precariously at the mercy of the weather, market forces, land speculation, and regulation. One of the biggest hurdles faced by small farmers is access to capital. The FruitGuys Community [...]

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Small Farm Beauty

pippin apples

By Heidi Lewis  I have them. You have them. We all have them. Imperfections. The keen fruit observer will notice that commercially grown fruit is generally quite uniform, and fruit from smaller, local farms often isn’t. For example, family farm–grown apples, compared to those produced in a big agricultural operation, may come out with imperfections—stems [...]

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Celebrate Fall! Harvest Time is Best for Visiting Local Farms

gabriel farm sebastopol

Stop! Just stop what you are doing, and put down your tools, be they gardening trowels or smart phones. It is time to take a break from the weeding, shoveling, organizing, filing, coding, and analyzing and get some fresh country air! Harvest time is here for farms from California to the New York Island. Late [...]

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