I’m Dreaming of a White Solstice…

By Gretchen Bay As the summer solstice draws nigh, visions of beautiful white orbs are starting to dance in the minds of fruit lovers everywhere. Are these spheres celestial bodies, aligning for the dawn of a new season? No! They’re delicious white peaches and nectarines that have started appearing in The FruitGuys’ fruit crates! These [...]

Preparation Tips

Simply wash and eat out of hand, slice, or chop for use in salads, smoothies, and more. Enjoy!

Storage Tips

Peaches (white and yellow) continue to ripen after picking. Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight until they give softly to the touch and have a sweet aroma. Once ripe, refrigerate as necessary to prevent spoiling, but cold temperatures may change their texture and taste.
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July Field Notes from Riverdog Farm


From Riverdog Farm, courtesy of  Capay Valley Farm Shop July 2, 2012 Summer crops are beginning to fill the fields and coolers; pallets of beets and greens are sharing space with summer squash and potatoes. White peaches are ripening for the pick, and most of the onions are already in storage. On the tomatoes, corn [...]

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Tale of a Scientist Farmer

E&M farm owl box

Ed Magee spends his days thinking about sunlight. When he isn’t working on his 38-acre orchard of white peaches and nectarines in Vernalis, California, he’s in a lab studying the energy of electrons. This scientist-farmer’s day job aids NASA researchers in determining the elemental mix of stars. Ed is a scientist through and through and he takes a very [...]

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Cats and Peaches

stray cat

By Chris Mittelstaedt When my grandfather was in his 80s, weak and suffering through the New Orleans summer heat, a dark yellow cat appeared at his back door in Metairie, Louisiana. The house was raised up on cinder blocks and had a lawn of firm, sharp St. Augustine grass, which grows out of the sandy [...]

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Good Morning Starshine

Here are two things that I secretly wish sometimes: 1. That interpretative dance was an acceptable way to start a company meeting. 2. That I hadn’t tried to leap from my desk and spin on the floor as a way to explain the key components of customer service. Since I’ve tried #1 and twisted my [...]

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