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Got Jetlag? Try This Yoga Pose

May 20, 2010      

airplane travelHealth
Yoga to Beat Jetlag

By Rebecca Taggart

As the busy summer travel season approaches, many of us will find ourselves on planes. The journey may be long or short, but the effects on the body are similar: airline flight slows the body’s metabolism dramatically, makes digestion sluggish, and can cause legs to swell due to decreased blood circulation. The recycled air, cramped space, and time change, if any, contribute to both mental and physical fatigue. Find out how you can beat jet lag this summer.

blueberriesThe FruitLife
Punch Buggy Blueberry
By Chris Mittelstaedt

Our all-seeing school bus driver with the flip-up, two-tone shades and an extra-wide mirror above her head had a ranking system that was distinguishable by the depth and tone of her voice. Sit in rows 1-8 and she was all Care Bears and Holly Hobby. But get to the middle or back of the long yellow diesel dragon and you were in the zone that had “already been accused.” Whether it was trading homemade cinnamon sticks or Read more about punch buggy and blueberry types.

freestoneThe Fermentation Festival
Get Funky: Ferment
By Heidi Lewis

If you were in Freestone, CA on May 15th, you were probably there to get down and funky. And we don’t mean George-Clinton-Parliament-Atomic-Dog kinda funky, we mean Lactobacillus funky. Freestone hosted the Fermentation Festival, a celebration of things fermented, from cheese and bread to kombucha and beer, sauerkraut and kimchi, and even a cedar enzyme bath! Fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, and pickles have recently gained new popularity for their many health benefits Read more about the Fermentation Festival here.

berkeley wellness letterBerkeley Wellness Letter
As part of your FruitGuys subscription, we provide you and your employees online access to UC Berkeley's Wellness Letter, the newsletter of nutrition, fitness and self-care. It translates leading-edge research into practical advice for daily living - at home, at work, while exercising, shopping, or cooking.

Highlight from the June Wellness Letter
Saturated fat: not quite so bad after all?
Get the skinny on sat fat. What has the latest research turned up about this dietary culprit that we didn’t know before?

The archive is available online at www.wellnessletter.com. The password for May is prevention. The password for June is aspirin.

Recipe of the Week: Overnight Chinese Daikon Radish Pickles
Free recipe Daikon Pickles

organic fruits and veggies delivered

Try our TakeHome case and you’ll receive organic fruits and veggies to prepare dishes like these muffins. Delivery at your office to take home or to your home.

golden glassSlow Food San Francisco
7th Annual Golden Glass

On Saturday, June 12th Bay Area wine and food lovers are invited to enjoy a leisurely afternoon of fine wine & good food at the 7th Annual Golden Glass event at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Festival pavilion.

The 2010 Golden Glass will celebrate the efforts of over 100 international wine producers who strive to protect, nurture, and revive the indigenous and classic varieties of their regions. For foodies, the event features the Slow Food plaza with over three-dozen local food purveyors showcasing their most flavorful products in taste-sized portions.

The event benefits Slow Food San Francisco’s School Gardens project.

The FruitGuys will be there unveiling our new monthly “Slow Food” crate fundraising partnership which will also benefit the School Gardens project.

For tickets to this year’s Golden Glass event and information about how to get involved with your local Slow Food chapter, visit their website.

Field Trips

Pick and Gather – Riverdance Farms
June 6
Livingston, CA

Medicinal Plants Hike
June 5
Beverly Shores, IN

Community Orchard Planting
May 25
Philadelphia, PA – S. 8th & Mercy

Fun things to do locally.

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