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As The Orchard Turns 2

<empty 6/3/2009        

[SCENE: In a box on back of a farmer's truck on the way to The FruitGuys.]

The FruitGuys truckNECTAR: To be or not to be! That is my question. Whether it is better to suffer the branches and soil of an orchard-lived life or travel and uncover the hidden mystery—that is the song of myself.

NECTARINE: [Gives Nectar a sidelong glance.]

NECTAR: Hi, I'm Nectar. I'm going to the city to find my destiny and possibly get into acting.

NECTARINE: Nice to meet you kid.

NECTAR: Are we from the same orchard Mr. Round Nectarine Guy?

NECTARINE: Kid, we're from the same tree.


NECTARINE: Calm down kid. We're just the same variety.

NECTAR: This is amazing! Do you know my secret name?!

NectarinesNECTARINE: [Sighs.] We're called Zee Fire Nectarines. Our inner flesh is yellow rather than white. Yellow nectarines tend to have more acid while white do not - thus the difference in the taste.

NECTAR: Taste? Wait a minute. What do you mean? Like only wear white after Memorial Day?

NECTARINE: No. Taste as in those who bite into us.


NECTARINE: Our family tree has three pit types: freestone, semi-cling, and cling. These names tell eaters how the fruit is woven (or not woven) into the pit. Freestone means that the fruit and pit are separated, semi-cling is woven but not deeply, cling is where the fruit is directly embedded in the pit.

TreesNECTAR: Let me get this straight. We are going to be eaten?

NECTARINE: Kid, it's our life's work. We're all about nourishment. It's the circle of life. Didn't you see The Lion King?

NECTAR: [Looks confused.]

NECTARINE: Look, it's an earth thing. The orchard we grew in had different varieties of yellow nectarine trees - each tree responds differently to light and temperature. Our variety can be harvested earlier in the summer than others. New varieties will be harvested each week all summer. Zee Fire's one week, Rose Brights later, then Ruby Diamonds, Spring Brights, Honey Diamonds - get it?

NECTAR: So this truck isn't taking us to do summer theater together.

NECTARINE: [Smiles.] Our big show is keeping people healthy and nourished. Roll with it!

To find out exactly what fruits are in your box by region, go to fruitguys.com and click on "In the Mix." Enjoy and be fruitful!

- Chris Mittelstaedt

Fruit Delivery to your Space Station!

XCOR rocketWell maybe not this year, but perhaps in the future if our friends at XCOR have anything to do with it. Faithful FruitGuys customer XCOR Aerospace is an aerospace engineering company based in Mojave, CA. This hot and windy locale is known as the first civilian inland spaceport in the country. "When FruitGuys starts sending fruit out into the galaxy you may be using the Mojave Spaceport," said Doug Graham, XCOR's media affairs director. The engineers already put The FruitGuys' name on one of their rockets. "We like to be nice to the people who are nice to us, and we love The FruitGuys," added Doug.

The engineers, scientists, astronauts, machinists, animators, and support staff at XCOR work long hours perfecting the design, propulsion, and aerodynamics of future space vehicles. Their current project is The Lynx, a sub-orbital space plane that will be able to take two people up to the edge of space and back. The Lynx should be ready to inaugurate the advent of space tourism in 2010. Their workplace is a large hangar. Aleta Jackson is the manager and de facto "mom" whose idea it was to get healthy snacks to offset some of the "engineer food." They keep the fruit right by the main desk, so when people go by they can help themselves. Everyone really enjoys the fruit, except for Mouser, the hanger cat, she's not a fruitarian. The folks at XCOR also really like to reuse FruitGuys boxes. They come in handy for storing all those extra rocket parts...

RocketRocket design is a creative, out-of-the-box endeavor and XCOR provides a family-like culture to support that. "People here are really nice to work forů and when something needs to be done, everyone pulls 'dorm room hours' to get [it] done," said Doug. When asked if they like being referred to as rocket scientists, Doug said they are engineers. He said the old joke goes, "You're not a rocket scientist unless you've had one blow up on you. And since we haven't had one blow up on us - we're engineers."

The FruitGuys believe that fruit is great fuel for people at work. And now we know a few propulsion experts who can attest to that. We love to hear about our clients' projects - so drop us a line to share your story.

Company: XCOR Aerospace
Location: Mojave, CA
Product/Service: Space Vehicles
Favorite Fruits: Muscat grapes, Angelcots and Apriums
Customers since: 2007

- Heidi Lewis

Soda Free Summer!

Soda free summerGreetings FruitFans! Solstice is fast approaching, and that means SUMMER. Summer days mean beaches, barbeques, and more outdoor activities. We all know the importance of staying hydrated on hot days—it's our bodies' natural response to reach for a cold drink. But not all beverage choices are created equal.

We at The FruitGuys would like to encourage you to join us for a Soda Free Summer! That's right, the cola wars are over, and it turns out everyone lost. Soda is the number one source of sugar in the American diet. Americans spend over $56 billion annually on soft drinks, and the average U.S. teenager consumes twice as much soda as milk—750 cans per year! If you drink a single 20-oz. soda each day for a year you could gain up to 25 pounds. Even diet sodas are high in sodium and can make your body build up a false tolerance to sugars that deactivates your natural metabolic "kill switch" for when you've had enough sweets and are satiated. Even "natural" fruit juices have high concentrations of sugar, so experts recommend limiting yourself to less than one cup daily. Sugary drinks are a major contributing factor to obesity and diabetes.

Lemon waterIf you are a regular soda drinker try this: count how many you drink over a two-week period, then cut back at least one soda per week over the summer. Try to make it to zero by Labor Day. At the office, ask that the soda budget go to bottled or sparkling water and support each other's efforts to cut back. Bring the soda free summer pledge idea home and get family and roommates to join in. Instead drink water, milk, or unsweetened iced tea. Add lemon, orange, or lime wedges or a slice of cucumber to zest up your water. For a chart to track your soda free days and other resources, go here. California residents of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Santa Clara, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties may be eligible for prizes such as a $300 healthy grocery-shopping spree if you register here. Any questions? Contact us at info@fruitguys.com or 1-877-FRUIT-ME.

- Jeff Koelemay

As part of your FruitGuys subscription, we provide you and your employees online access to UC Berkeley's Wellness Letter, the newsletter of nutrition, fitness and self-care. It translates leading-edge research into practical advice for daily living—at home, at work, while exercising, shopping, or cooking.

Highlight from June's Wellness Letter: Wellness Tips

Soda cansDon't think that the new Pepsi Natural, sweetened with "natural sugar," is any healthier than sodas sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). It still has 38 grams of sugar (almost 10 teaspoons) and 150 calories per 12-ounce bottle—the same as other sodas.

Get great health tips and more in the Berkeley Wellness Letter. The password for June is Protein.

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