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The FruitGuys Almanac

June 17, 2010      

A Seaweed Story
Harvesting Sea Vegetables

By Heidi Lewis

SONOMA COUNTY, CA—It's 5:30 a.m. and I'm driving toward the coast. An orange sun is rising in my rearview mirror and through the windshield I can see a full silver moon sinking, pulling the veil of fog off the verdant hills. The gorgeous view is like the opening shot of a movie filmed in CinemaScope. The credits begin to roll:

20th Century Fox presents

“Seaweed Story”

a DIY adventure

How to get your own succulent sea vegetables from the worlds last remaining clean shores.

Here’s a good news sea story: you can get delectable and nutritious sea vegetables from the ocean, and they’re free. The Gulf Oil Spill makes an excursion to any ocean more poignant these days and when you see the treasures in the tide pools you will be even more grateful for the experience. Read about harvesting your own seaweed here.

downward facing dogHealth
Yoga for Travelers
Simple Poses to Combat Jetlag
By Rebecca Taggart

Vacations are great, but the travel can be hard on your body. Yoga To Beat Jetlag described the benefits of the pose viparita karani (Legs up the Wall) after a long airline flight or car trip. In this follow-up, you’ll learn a set of four poses to refresh your body and help reset your internal clock after a long trip. Read about yoga poses that can help relieve jetlag here.

Pest Policy Questioned
Panelists say Quarantines Unfair to California Farmers
By Pia Hinckle

The Light Brown Apple Moth is an indigenous pest considered harmless to crops in New Zealand, Hawaii, Australia, and the UK, all countries that are free to export fruits and vegetables to U.S. markets while California farms currently face quarantines if it is found, a practice panelists at a recent forum called unfair to small sustainable farms. Read more about the Light Brown Apple Moth controversy here.

cherriesThe FruitLife
The Season of Cherries
By Chris Mittelstaedt

I have many favorite fruits but cherries hold a special place in my heart.

Maybe it’s because their harvest period is relatively short; or maybe it’s because they just taste so good—whatever the reason, we’re now in the season of cherries.

Read more about cherries and what's in your fruit crate here.

Bike Love
A Commute that’s Good for You
By Bridget Meigs

PHILADELPHIA, PA—My commute: therapeutic, thought provoking, calming, and centering. Is such a commute possible? You bet! I am one of the estimated 10,000 Philadelphia residents who bikes to work each day—weather permitting. My time in the saddle provides me with the fresh air that I need to feel energized for the day. Biking was not always such a huge part of my life, but I have come to depend upon it as a vehicle to maintain my health and to connect with my community.

To the casual rider, city streets may seem intimidating, but thanks to membership-fueled bicycle advocacy groups, biking is gaining in popularity as a healthy way to get around everyday. Read more about the benefits of biking to work here.

slow food san franciscoIntroducing the SlowFood Victory Garden Crate!
A limited time offer for California residents brought to you by The FruitGuys and Slow Food San Francisco.

This unique box includes a selection of very special heirloom and Ark of Tasteproduce, locally-sourced artisan food items, and an easy "do it yourself" kitchen project kit.

peachesJune's box features honey from Torrey Olson's Gabriel Farm. made by the busy bees installed by The FruitGuys Farm Steward program last year. For each $59 crate, $20 goes directly to Slow Food San Francisco to help fund their programs, including the School Gardens Project.

A new Victory Garden Crate will be available each month from June through October. Order now, quanitites are limited!

Get more information and order at www.fruitguys.com/slowfood.

Recipe of the Week: Mushroom and Zucchini Frittata with Feta and Garlic Scapes
Free recipe Veggie Frittata

frittataTry our TakeHome case and you’ll receive organic fruits and veggies along with recipes to prepare dishes like this delicious veggie frittata. Plus two free recipes every week!

Support your local farmers. We buy 100% organic produce sourced from local farms to the extent possible. Our TakeHome case provides food that is good for your family, good for the farmers, and good for the planet.

Delivery at your office to take home or to your home. More information on our TakeHome program here.

berkeley wellness letterBerkeley Wellness Letter
As part of your FruitGuys subscription, we provide you and your employees online access to UC Berkeley's Wellness Letter, the newsletter of nutrition, fitness and self-care. It translates leading-edge research into practical advice for daily living - at home, at work, while exercising, shopping, or cooking.

Highlight from the June Wellness Letter
Leg Cramps
A Knotty Problem

Everyone knows what a nocturnal leg cramp is. You wake from an otherwise restful sleep with a knot of pain in your calf. You try not to wake your bed partner with anguished exclamations or flailing around. If you’ve had one of these cramps before, you probably know what to do. You pull your toes upward, rub the muscles, and if necessary get up and walk around. Nocturnal cramps can also occur in your feet and thighs. We set some facts straight, and then tell you how to help prevent these pesky cramps.

The archive is available online at www.wellnessletter.com. The password for June is aspirin.

Field Trips

Bike Freedom Valley 2010 - Philadelphia
Take $5 off of your Freedom Valley adult entry fee!
Bike Freedom Valley is a fully supported non-competitive bike ride. You can choose trail rides or ride on shared roads. After 30 years, Bike Freedom Valley celebrates the progress of the Schuylkill River Trail as it is becoming the premier transportation and recreation greenway connecting neighborhoods across the Delaware Valley and to illuminate the attractions that just beyond the trailway. What has traditionally been a beautiful scenic ride extending from central Philadelphia to Valley Forge National Park will now be this and so much more! Get details on the bike ride and coupon code here.

National Pollinator Week
June 21-27

national pollinator weekEAST
Pollinators in American Indian Art
Jun 16-27
Washington, DC

Bee Social
Jun 20
Watsonville, CA

Chicago Honey Coop & Slow Food Solstice Potluck

Jun 18
Chicago, IL

Info on these events and more fun things to do locally here.

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