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Orange You Glad I Said Persimmon


chris bananaThere are always times you regret. Like when I was six years old and I only knew two jokes. One was the standard knock-knock joke – “Knock, knock,” “Who’s there?” “Banana.” “Banana who?” “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “Banana.” “Banana who?” “Knock, Knock, who’s there?” “Orange.” “Orange who?” “Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana?” The other was a joke I heard on the bus involving a teacher and a kid named Johnny. I had no idea what it meant but every time I retold it, the 5th and 6th graders cracked up hysterically and introduced me to more of their friends so I could spread what was obviously the funniest joke in the world told by a prodigy of intense comic genius. It was getting close to Thanksgiving so I decided to try it out on my folks for a preview of the holiday entertainment I could provide. I remember my mom’s face slipping from a smiling and excited look to an expectant and tight-lipped stare to wide-eyed frozen shock. She wasn’t mad but it was pretty clear that she hadn’t gotten it so I started to tell it again. She stopped me and then asked the names of the kids who told me that joke. Then she calmly told me what the joke meant. My face went hot. To this day the only joke I can deliver with a punch line ends: “Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana!” Go figure.

Orange is not just the color of my one joke but is the color of Beta Carotene which, when eating plants, is an indicator of Vitamins A and C. Fuyu Persimmons are the squat, orange fruit in the crates this week. A large Fuyu Persimmon can have as much as 70% of your recommended daily vitamin requirement of Vitamin A, which is pretty darn good.

persimmonFuyu Persimmons should be eaten firm—like an apple. Just quarter it and eat. Some people don’t like the naturally waxy skin, so peel if you must but remember that many nutrients are in the skin. The Fuyu has a Fall mix of light nutmeg and pumpkin spice in its taste. “It leaves your mouth refreshed like cantaloupe sorbet,” says Erik, FruitGuys COO and tri-athlete madman, of the Fuyu’s wonderful aftertaste.

Check out our In the Mix pages to read about persimmons and more.

Enjoy and be fruitful! chris@fruitguys.com  

Office Energy Yoga II: Four Chair Poses

Afternoon is the time of day when your energy can hit its lowest. You’re yawning at your desk and thinking about coffee. A little fresh air or exercise would wake you up but there is no time for the gym or even a walk around the block. Take five minutes to try these four simple yoga poses to get your blood moving, without ever leaving your chair.

yoga boat poseBoat Pose: Sit at the very front of your chair and lift your chest. Lean back as you lift and straighten your legs until your feet are at least the height of your waist. Once you have your balance, lift your chest strongly and extend your arms parallel to the floor. Hold for ten seconds breathing evenly. Lower your legs and return to a seated position. Repeat three times. You can hold the pose longer as you become more familiar with it.

yoga forward bendForward Bend: Sit at the front of your chair. Straighten your legs with your heels resting on the floor. Lift your chest as you place your hands on your upper thighs. Slowly slide your hands down your thighs, but only so long as you can keep your chest lifted at the same time. If you are stiff, you will stop somewhere above your knees. This is fine. If you are more flexible, your hands may reach your ankles or even the floor. Remember to breath regularly. Stay in the pose one minute. Keep your legs firm as you slide your hands up your legs and sit up.

yoga seated twistSeated Twist: Sit deep into your chair with your heels against the inner chair legs. Plant your feet parallel to each other with your knees lined up over your ankles. Lift your chest and roll your shoulders back. Keeping your knees in line, inhale and turn to the right, placing your left hand on the right chair arm, pull, and your right hand on the chair’s backrest, push. With each inhalation make yourself as tall as possible, and with each exhalation twist a bit more along your spine. Keep your head in line with your shoulders, rather than just turning your neck. Hold the pose for 30 seconds. Exhale as you release and come to sit facing forward again. Repeat to the left.

yoga modified forward bendModified Forward Bend: If your lower back is bothering you, or if you feel overwhelmed by stress, try this relaxing variation of the Forward Bend. Sit at the front of your chair with your knees bent and lined up over your ankles. Heels should be hip width apart. Bend forward and place your palms on top of your feet or on the floor. Relax your head and neck, breathing normally through your nose. Hold several minutes. Inhale as you place your hands on your knees to push yourself up. Practice this pose on its own or at the end of your mini-yoga practice.

- Rebecca Taggart

Rebecca Taggart is a San Francisco yoga instructor. Photos courtesy of Mikkel Aaland.

holiday fruit crateBe a Hero This Holiday Season!

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Winter on the Farm

What does winter weather mean for you? A change in work wardrobe from grey to black? From seersucker to faux fur? Maybe a change in your bike commute? We contacted two of the farmers we work with to find out how the approaching winter affects their work. gabriel farm

On the west coast, we spoke with Torrey Olson of Gabriel Farm in Sebastopol, CA [N 38 ° & W 122 °] who supplies us with a wide assortment of Asian Pear varieties, Fuji Apples, and Fuyu Persimmons.

In the east, Ken Kauffmann of Kauffman’s Fruit Farm in lovely Bird-in-Hand, PA [N 40 ° W 76 °] presides over 110 acres of applkauffman fruit farme and stone fruit trees with several generations of Kauffmans.

FG: How's the weather?
Torrey: We've had a lot of rain early for the season. Nine inches so far. That's good for replenishing the well.
Ken: So far the winter has started out mild.

FG: Do you track the weather?
Torrey: I have a weather station. In spring I watch the satellite for frost and wind.
Ken: I check Skybit (an online agricultural weather service).

FG: Are there any weather proverbs you like?
Torrey: You mean, if the sunflowers are pointing east? No, I use google weather.
Ken: Weather proverbs have fallen by the wayside since electronic systems. When I was a kid we would have a contest to see who could predict the weather using signs like a halo around the moon or sundogs.

cover crop during winter at Quetzal FarmFG: What are your winter chores?
Torrey: Pruning, except in the heavy rain. It's hard to look up in the rain.
Ken: Pruning apples now, and peaches in March. Our fellows work outside down to 10°. We also do equipment maintance, repair the fruit ladders and bins.

FG: A lot of farm conferences are in January. Do you go to any?
Torrey: The California Small Farm Conference is a good one, but I won't be going this year – it’s in San Diego.
Ken: I enjoy the Tri-State Horticulture Conference in Hershey, PA.

FG: Complete this sentence: “Winter is a good time to..."
Torrey: Catch up. Winter weather is what lets the farmer get a break.
Ken: A time to reflect. Visit with friends and family.

- Heidi Lewis

berkeley wellness letterAs part of your FruitGuys subscription, we provide you and your employees online access to UC Berkeley's Wellness Letter, the newsletter of nutrition, fitness and self-care. It translates leading-edge research into practical advice for daily living - at home, at work, while exercising, shopping, or cooking.

Highlight from the November Wellness Letter
Wellness Tips: Just a Little Bit of Sugar

Excess sugar intake has been linked to the growing obesity epidemic and related illnesses. But how much is too much? The government’s Dietary Guidelines simply advise Americans to limit how much they consume. Now, for the first time, the American Heart Association has proposed specific guidelines.

Get great health tips and more in the Berkeley Wellness Letter. The password for November is lemon.

donationsThe FruitGuys will be closed on Thursday, November 26th and Friday, November 27th for Thanksgiving.

Deliveries on these days will be rescheduled to Wednesday, November 25th. If this delivery date does not work for you, we have 3 easy options for you to choose from:

1) Donate your fruit to one of the worthy charitable organizations we have chosen from different regions around the United States.

2) Donate your fruit to the charity of your choice and we will deliver it for free as long as it is in close proximity to one of our regional hubs in San Francisco, Chicago, or Philadelphia.

3) Reschedule your delivery to a different day or simply cancel your order delivery for that week.

Please email your preference to info@fruitguys.com or call us at 877-FRUIT-ME.

erik muller bike rideFruitful Bike Rides

Did you ever see a banana riding a bicyle? No, we don't mean the latest surealist art show. We mean fresh air and fun!

Join FruitGuy's CFO Erik Muller for a Sunday morning bike ride along Canada Road in Woodside, CA. The first five riders who join him will receive a FruitGuys T-Shirt.

Meet-up is Sunday, November 22 at 7:50am sharp at the corner of La Canada and Highway 92. The ride will be at a social pace for about 35 miles.

RSVP to Erik at erik@fruitguys.com.

bilingual hikeField Trips

Window Box Workshop - Cole Canyon Farm
Nov 21
Aptos, CA

Las Maravillas del Otoño - Bilingual Hike Santa Monica Mountains
Nov 21
Thousand Oaks, CA

settler's dayGreen String Farm Fest
Nov 21
Petaluma, CA

Settler's Day
Nov 22
South Holland, IL

Sharing It Day - Greater Chicago Food Depository Event
Nov 24
Chicago, IL

wassailingMedieval Feast & Wassailing of the Apple Trees
Dec 5
Stockholm, WI

Cranksgiving - Bike Messenger Alley Cat Race & Food Drive
Nov 21
New York, NY

Colonial Foodways
Nov 21
Accokeek, MD

Power Plants Exhibit - US National Arboretum
till Dec 30
Washington, DC

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