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The Gravenstein Apple Box

Gravenstein Apples are done for the 2013 season. Check back in July 2014 for more information on the new crop!

You can support the Slow Food Gravenstein Apple Presidium by ordering The Gravenstein Apple Box, a project of Slow Food Russian River and The FruitGuys.

The Gravenstein Apple: Among the hundreds of California apple varieties, the heirloom Gravenstein apple is beloved as one of the best eating and baking apples. A fine balance of sweet and tart, its full-bodied flavor intensifies when made into sauce, juice, pie, or vinegar, yet the Gravenstein apple is in danger of becoming commercially extinct. Suburban development, the popularity of wine grape production, and competition from Chinese apple juice concentrate are among the factors that have greatly reduced the number of orchards and apple acreage in Sonoma County, California.


Check back in July 2014 for ordering information.

Enjoy and be fruitful!


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