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Give The Gift of Good Health


The Holiday Harvest Gift Crate:

  • Unique mix of farm-fresh fruit and bags of seasoned nuts 
  • Available in 4 sizes, choose the one that best fits your needs and budget 
  • Personalized message on a card included at no extra charge
  • Send us your gift list and we will import your order directly, no forms!
  • 100% guarantee for you and your giftee, whether you are sending 1 gift or 1,000
Ordering only one gift?  
Ordering more than one gift?  Let our team help you: 


Size Fruit Servings Bags of Nuts Price
Mini 8 1 $29
Small 12 $45
Medium 12 4 $55
Large 36 4 $89


Corporate Multi-Gift Giving Made Easy:

  • Order quick, easy and hassle free.
  • Send us your gift list and recive a custom quote.
  • Include a personalized message with each gift.
  • Nationwide delivery options with free shipping to many areas