Our Farmers Talk About Sustainability

Washington Navel orange farmer John Ceteras of Blue Heron Farm in Capay Valley, CA, on his influences and transitioning from conventional to organic farming. Part 1, 2 mins.

Meet the Farmers - Blue Moon Organics

We visited Patrick DeYoung of Blue Moon Organics in Aptos, California in Spring 2008. He became a farmer after taking some time off from the stock market to surf. In this short video, he talks about growing strawberries for maximum flavor, how he uses bugs instead of pesticides, and how he treats the soil of their rented farm land to leave it better than before.

Meet the Farmers - White Dove Passion Fruit Farm

We visited John Koman of White Dove Passion Fruit Farm in Santa Paula, California in December. In this 3 minute video about the farm, he talks about how he and his wife Patti grow passion fruit vines over old lemon trees and experiment with other forms of permaculture.

Meet the Farmers - Bierwagen's Farm

We visited Bierwagen's Farm in Grass Valley, CA, where they grow Arkansas Black Apples last October.

In this 5 minute video, you can meet 4th generation apple farmer Chris Bierwagen and learn about their farming practices. Check out their harvesting process.