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FARM Davis — 2016 Alumni

Learn how 2016 grantee FARM Davis uses its grant to grow crops that feed local low-income and homeless community members.

Turtle Creek Gardens - 2016 Alumni

Turtle Creek Gardens is an 18-acre farm in Delavan, WI. Their $5,000 grant allowed them to construct swales to mitigate rainwater runoff from a neighboring conventional farm and prevent rainwater flooding on interior areas. The swales were planted with grasses, forbs, perennials, and marketable crops.

Troy Farms — 2016 Alumni

Troy Community Farm, a 5-acre farm in Madison, WI, used their $2,500 grant to purchase beehives, bees, tools, supplies, protective gear, and incorporate hands-on beekeeping experience and instruction into their Beginning Farmer Training program.

2017 Grantee Project Preview - The FruitGuys Community Fund

The FruitGuys Community Fund provide small grants (up to $5,000) to small farms and agricultural nonprofits for sustainability projects that have large impacts on the environment, local food systems, and farm diversity. Tune in for a sneak peak of our 2017 grantee projects!

Butterbee Farm — 2016 Alumni Grantee

Butterbee Farm, a 2-acre farm in Pikesville, MD, used their $3,200 grant to transition an acre of land adjacent to their current farm that was formerly part of a conventional farm into sustainable production by applying a cover crop, compost, soil amendments, and pollinator-friendly plants.

Buffalo Street Farm - 2016 Alumni Grantee

Buffalo Street Farm is one of five urban farms in Detroit, MI, that make up the City Commons CSA. Their $5,000 grant allowed them to purchase 100 fruit trees, three honeybee hives, native perennial plants, compost, drip irrigation, and cover-crop seed.

From The Ground Up Farms — 2016 Alumni Grantee

From the Ground Up Farms, Inc., a nonprofit organization in Chico, CA, operates 10 community garden farms located on the sites of homeless shelters, residential treatment facilities, and women’s shelters. Their $4,855 grant allowed them to convert several gardens to raised beds to ensure soil safety, save water, increase yield, and minimize maintenance.

2016 Grantee, Turtle Creek Gardens

Meet one of the ten grantees from FruitGuys Community Fund 2016 Grant Class, Steve Tomlins, of Turtle Creek Gardens, WI. Huge congrats to Steve and all of the other grantees who successfully completed sustainability projects with their grant funding! We are inspired and moved by the work these small farmers do, everyday!

The National Heirloom Expo: A Celebration of Pure Food And Farming

Join our National Procurement and Quality Manager, Rebecca North, and her son, Jack, as they explore the 2016 National Heirloom Expo.