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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - October 2009 - TheFruitGuys, the industry leader in providing farm-fresh produce to the American workplace, has been named a San Francisco Business Times Fast 100 company for the fifth year in a row.  The FruitGuys began delivering fruit to offices in San Francisco in 1998 and now delivers fruit to thousands of businesses nationwide, from small family-run businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

Founder and CEO of The FruitGuys, Chris Mittelstaedt, credits the 5 R’s for the company’s continued success, “I developed the 5 R’s as a way for us to judge the success of our performance.  In everything we do we must ask ourselves, have we been respectful, responsive, realistic, taken personal responsibility and will our actions allow us to be remembered positively?”

The Fast 100 is comprised of the 100 fastest-growing private companies in the Bay Area. To be considered, companies had to be privately held between 2006 and 2008, headquartered in the Bay Area, and had revenues of at least $200,000 each year.

About The FruitGuys
The FruitGuys is the industry leader in providing farm-fresh produce to the American workplace.  Founded in 1998 and headquartered in San Francisco, The FruitGuys has pioneered this fast-growing category that provides viable solutions to the ever-challenging workplace health crisis.  The company was founded on the premise that bringing healthy brain food to the office can boost productivity, improve wellness and help companies improve their bottom lines.

The FruitGuys provides fresh fruit from local farms to thousands of American businesses, from small family- run businesses to major Fortune 500 corporations.  The FruitGuys has been called upon by some of the most well known businesses in the nation, including: Yahoo!; Yamaha; VMWare; Wells Fargo, among thousands of other industry leaders.