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To make sure you're feeling the love, everyone's favorite Bananas are offering a crash course in relationships and marriage, titled FruitGuys Commitment. This multi-part guide to partnership and a healthy home life all culminates with a trip to a Las Vegas wedding ceremony, where longstanding marriage professional Shirley will usher you into your new life as husband and wife. Or banana and banana.

Here are a few tips on a fruitful coupling, straight from our duo: First, you should feel constant gratitude for your partner. When they do something thoughtful for you, say thank you and show real appreciation. That way, if your housework or financial contributions aren't in perfect balance, the other partner won't feel as much bitterness about the situation. It's also smart to say "we" and "our" when talking to your lover, because it demonstrates that you're working together to be happy. This simple word swap can lower anger and stress when debating issues that you can't seem to agree on, centering the discussion on an outcome that benefits both partners.

Next, you and your new spouse can always work harder to keep the relationship strong. Although passionate love, or lust, will often dissipate within the first year together, romantic love can last for decades if you spend time together and both put effort into the relationship. When both partners commit, they can find solutions to conflicts and come up with new experiences for the husband and wife to share together. These novel activities produce the same chemicals that make you feel heavenly in those early months of dating.

Finally, both partners can get proactive about their diets and exercise, so that they are living at peak physical health and mental wellbeing. An eating regiment of fruits, vegetables, adequate proteins, and essential oils can help change your married life within weeks. Getting regular exercise together can also cause a seriously positive shift in your relationship. People who work out regularly will bring more energy and excitement to other areas of their lives, feel more confident about themselves, and reduce stress levels. Exercise clears up mental clutter, so you and your partner can focus on more quality time and building intimacy. That's FruitGuys Commitment — a subject that the Bananas know all too well.

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