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The FruitGuys Bananas know how to bring hope to the masses. On a recent trip to the Las Vegas Strip, they spread their healthy gospel on the streets, made friends with strangers, and did a few good deeds, all in the name of FruitGuys fun. The Secret? Not a self-help book — it's a streamlined value system called "the 5Rs," which is comprised of five words that ensure customer satisfaction. And no, "ranch dressing" is not one of the five Rs.

First, the Bananas promise to be Respectful of you at all times. That means they'll talk to you like a human being, not as a source of cash. They'll treat you as they would a good friend, delivering fruit on time and carrying it to the breakroom without expecting anything in return. They'll also be Responsive to all of your needs, so if you're not happy with fruit quality, delivery times, or want to change up the contents of your fruit box, they'll do whatever they can to serve you.

The Bananas live to serve, so they take pride in solving problems quickly and effectively. However, they're only fruit, so they can't always be perfect. Instead, they'll be Realistic with you about what they can or cannot do, so you won't get left in the dark without a thoughtful response. Although it rarely happens, sometimes an unripe piece of fruit may sneak through or a delivery may be delayed, and the FruitGuys will do anything they can to make it up to you.

Next, the Bananas will take personal Responsibility to provide a positive experience. They won't be passing the blame to any berries or citrus. They also won't counter your complaints with negative energy, because they live for your happiness and health. Having high standards for accountability means you can trust our word and feel good about supporting a company that builds bridges from local farms to the larger community. Finally, we'll work hard so that you'll Remember us positively. Our fruits live for that moment at lunchtime where someone opens up a FruitGuys box, reaches for a healthy snack, and starts a new eating routine that keeps them sharp 'til the workday ends. All of these Rs might seem tough to maintain, but bananas like to think of it as FruitGuys fun.

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