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Meet the Bunch — they're a team of crime-fighting bananas spreading a fresh fruit gospel on the Las Vegas Strip. Why Las Vegas, you ask? Well, Sin City is America's still-beating heart for debauchery and poor life choices, which makes it the perfect candidate for a FruitGuys mission.

Since the 90s, these bananas have upheld their code of honor by staying true to a fruitful lifestyle. And what is their mission, exactly? It's so much more than dressing up in a banana suit and getting strange looks from passersby. They're not freaks, but they do have a bold outlook on healthy eating, which gets them riled up and passionate enough to take on superfruit qualities.

Ultimately, though, it all goes back to being a hero. Someone who's strong enough and yellow enough to laugh in the face of junk foods. And if you're an innocent employee who just wants something to munch on that gets you through the day, then you'll appreciate having a healthy hero in your corner. As far as heroes go, they don't get much stronger than bananas. Countering depression, building calcium and potassium, protecting you from diabetes, and keeping your blood healthy with iron is just a typical day on the job for these fruits. They even lower blood pressure, so if you're feeling stressed at work, a regular diet of bananas and other fruits might be the thing that saves you from impending doom. Chips, soda, candy bars — meet your maker.

To achieve their FruitGuys mission, bananas must first undergo a rigorous training regiment. Starting at a local farm, baby bananas grow up idolizing their older siblings until they're ripe enough to leave the tree and take a soul-searching road trip to a FruitGuys packaging facility. There, they meet other fruits from all walks of life, sharing a recyclable cardboard box that deploys them to businesses in need of nutrition. At this point, their mission is well underway. The fruits can easily sneak from a company breakroom into an employee's cubicle and change that fellow's eating habits, all while building a bond between local farms and offices around the country. Everything changes with a couple of bananas.

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