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Today, studies show that most Americans aren't eating enough fruits and vegetables. Are you getting enough fruit?

In this brief video, The FruitGuys founder and CEO Chris Mittelstaedt explains that only 25% of Americans are eating five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day. There are so many ways to add this essential food group to your meals, even as summer winds down. When the fall season starts, you'll see the highest quality apples and pears coming to market. For example, the comice pear — also known as "the peach of fall" — is among the juiciest and most delicious varieties out there.

As you store your fruits into the winter months, remember which fruits should or shouldn't be refrigerated. Apples can be kept in the fridge for a long time, but pears shouldn't be left there for long. It's best to put pears in the fridge before they're ready to eat; once the ripening process starts, you can store them at room temperature. When bananas are taking too long to ripen, just put them in a brown bag with a fresh apple — this will help speed up the process.

On the vegetable side, there are plenty of options to choose from. For example, canned, dried, frozen, and juiced veggies will all count towards your daily intake. It's best to rethink vegetables entirely and try to promote them from side-dish status to a main dish. Cooking recipes that are adaptable and include a bevy of vegetables — like chili or salads — can give you many nutritious servings in one meal. In fact, rethinking from a vegetable point-of-view may actually cost you less money in the long run. Generally, veggies are cheaper and healthier than other staples in the supermarket, like meat.

Today, the FruitGuys delivers fresh fruit to more than 3,000 healthy offices around the country, with major delivery hubs in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Each hub maintains relationships with local farmers to guarantee that most of their fruit is homegrown and freshly picked. Mittelstaedt and his team are committed to bringing quality, organic fruit to the people. They started by asking their customers a simple question: Are you getting enough fruit?

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