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Founded in 1998, The FruitGuys took the simple idea of delivering fresh, local fruit to offices around San Francisco and slowly built a reputation. Rather than eat unhealthy snacks from a vending machine, these overworked startup companies were able to enjoy the benefits of fruit in the office every week. It all started in founder and CEO Chris Mittelstaedt’s one-bedroom apartment in North Beach, where the young founder built wooden crates to store fruit and hand-deliver it around the city.

Things were going well at The FruitGuys until the music stopped in San Francisco. In 2001, the Dot Com boom quickly became a bust, and the company found itself stretched way beyond its means. To deal with this harsh reality, Mittelstaedt was forced to lay off most of the company's workforce and spend time getting some basic finances in order.

Since those difficult days, The FruitGuys has had the good fortune to expand nationwide, with regional distribution hubs in Phoenix, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Each hub partners with local family farms to ensure the fruit is of the highest quality and can be delivered quickly. In addition, the company now delivers fruit to homes and schools.

The FruitGuys offers next-day delivery in environmentally friendly packaging, arranged so you receive a fun assortment of just-picked, seasonal fruit. We’re proud to visit each farm, get to know the farmers, and sample the fruit before including it in our crates.

Since 2012, our FruitGuys Goodworks program has allowed us to spread healthy eating habits to the community through fruit. Currently, the company donates over 400,000 pounds of produce to American people in need. With our Donate-A-Crate program, customers can choose to donate their fruit to charity when their offices are closed for the holidays. Next, the FruitGuys Farm Steward program allows us to give back to family farms by providing small grants, loans, and useful farming gifts.

From us at The FruitGuys, here’s to a bright future—we hope you’ll enjoy the benefits of fruit in the office today!

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