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Washington Navel orange farmer John Ceteras of Blue Heron Farm in Capay Valley, CA, on his influences and transitioning from conventional to organic farming. Part 1, 2 mins.

Farmer John Ceteras controls pests and weeds and reinvigorates the soil organically at Blue Heron Farm. He takes a gentle, yet firm path, which is beneficial for everyone. Part 2, 4 mins.

Farmer/Geologist John Koman, of White Dove Passion Fruit Farm, talks about permaculture and how he works with nature. 5 minutes.

We visited farmer Torrey Olson of Gabriel Farm in Sebastopol last November and asked him for his views on sustainability. 2 minutes.

They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot. White Dove Passion Fruit Farmer John Koman on land trends in Southern California. 1 minute.

Water conservation on a passion fruit farm in Southern California. Farmer John Koman works with as little water as possible to produce fruit without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. 2 mins.

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