From Pastry to Plow

Less Time to Chill

Cherries are finicky trees. They don’t like it when it gets too hot, when there’s not enough rain, and when it doesn’t stay cold enough during the winter. For the last few winters, California’s cherries have had all three of these environmental stresses and responded by producing fewer cherries.

Gravenstein Farmers Get Cash Money

Hungry for Farmland

Clear Spring Farm, PA. Clear Spring Farm, PA.

If you live in an eco-conscious region fighting to preserve its local family farms, chances are you’ve seen bumper stickers such as ““Know your farmer, know your food.” “I don’t buy food from strangers.” And “Who’s your farmer?”  maybe on a beat-up pickup truck bringing boxes of kale to your local farmers market or on the Volvos and Priuses parked by shoppers stocking up on just-picked organic peaches.

Buy a Box; Save an Apple

gravensteins Gravenstein apple. 

Like the snowy owl and the snail darter, foods can be endangered too.

If farmers stop growing your favorite variety of tomato because it’s too hard to ship or too prone to pests, we come that much closer to a bland, unified way of eating and, in the case of the loss of fruit and vegetable varieties, a shrinking of biodiversity that can have a wide ranging impact on the environment and our food supply.

New Funding Resource for Small Farms

Pennsylvania Farm Country

I recently traded the concrete jungle of Philadelphia’s inner city for the rolling fields and farm houses of Adams County, PA, to check in with two family farms that provide fruit for The FruitGuys throughout the year.

3 springs - peach blossom Peach blossoms reach toward the sun at Three Springs Farm 

Perspectives on Drought Part 2: Jeff Main of Good Humus Produce

Perspectives on Drought Part 1: Alexis Robertson of Skyelark Ranch

sheep2-skyelark Image courtesy of Skyelark Ranch, Brooks CA

Recently, California’s growers and water districts approached Governor Jerry Brown to declare California in a state of drought. It has been one of the driest winters on record and the state’s reservoirs, snow pack, streams and rivers have been greatly depleted. Here in the valley we are holding our breath anxiously anticipating the start of the rainy season. We hope that it will come quickly and quench the sunbaked hills.

Eat Fruit & Be Happy