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How to Manage Stress at Work

10 Ways to Save Water in the Office

The ongoing drought in the Western states has reached historic proportions. California Governor Jerry Brown has put statewide water restrictions for homes and businesses into place for the first time ever. Now in its fourth year, this drought has the potential to reshape the entire country in profound ways—from the way we get our food to where we choose to live.

Office Parties: The Ultimate Guide Pt 2

Holiday office parties are a mixed blessing. On the one hand, they provide a chance to relax—or network, if that’s your thing—outside of your cubicle. On the other hand, those seemingly innocent little wingdings can be pitted with potential land mines.

The combination of coworkers, employees, the boss, and booze could quickly turn you from being the life of the party into the cautionary tale of the workplace. In our first Holiday Parties without Tears we covered how to plan and throw the consummate office shindig. Here we explore some simple tips to keep your jingle bell from turning into jingle hell when you attend the annual workplace soiree.

Office Holiday Parties: The Ultimate Guide Pt 1

So you’ve been tasked with organizing your holiday work party. No problem: Just throw some pretzels in a bowl, bust open a few boxes of wine, crank up your iTunes, and you’re all set, right?

Not so fast. The office party shouldn’t have anything in common with a frat party kegger. It should be an occasion to celebrate, but it can’t invite too much celebrating.

Workplace Friendships & Office Allies

Many of us spend almost half our waking hours at work. If we have demanding jobs, we can end up spending more time with our officemates than with our partners or our kids. So it makes a lot of sense that forming friendships at work can help us have a happier, healthier work experience.

Workplace friends can be a great source of support, brainstorming, or solace when things aren’t going well.

But there can be a downside to workplace friendships, too. Competition for promotion can sour a friendship; personal information shared privately with a workplace friend could end up impacting your career.

Work Life Balance: Family Downtime is Golden


As the relaxing torpor of August shades into September, family schedules can get crazy. School starts, and with it full slates of after-school activities and sports. Workloads at the office increase as laid-back summer turns into get-‘er-done fall. Social lives heat up as friends return from vacations eager to reestablish connections.

Office Fridges & Kitchen Conflicts

The FruitGuys 3rd Annual Spirit Week

Pajamas, ping-pong, and righteous potlucks—if you wandered into any of The FruitGuys' five offices last month, you’d have gotten a good taste of why employees say working at The FruitGuys is such a blast.

 The FruitGuys Philly team represents on FruitGuys T-Shirt Day.

In July 2014, The FruitGuys celebrated its third annual Spirit Week—a five-day celebration founded by Customer Service Manager Nicole Wagner and Customer Service Lead Julie Collins to “celebrate everybody's hard work and provide a summer reset button in a fun, quirky FruitGuys way,” Julie says.

The ABCs of Workplace Cleanliness

You’ve long suspected it, and modern science has confirmed it: Your office is dirty.

A study of 105 offices found high levels of bacteria on phones, keyboards, door knobs, microwave handles, the water fountain, water faucets, and in restrooms and office break rooms, according to the International Journal of Environmental Health Research.

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