Dog Talks to Apple Tree! January 30, 2006

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You know a trend is emerging when the largest selling newspaper in the world picks it up. Last week The Weekly World News noted on page three that an apple tree was changing a man's life. After reading the "World's Strangest UFO Discovered" (which was about a downed UFO that had been converted into a Swedish Bed and Breakfast), I read the story "Man locates correct tree to bark up!" The article describes a man in Vermont whose life is in the dumps until he moves into a house that has an apple tree in the backyard. His dog barks up the apple tree Lassie style until the man tastes the fruit. In his own amazing words he notes: "I quickly discovered that the more I ate, the more my life changed for the better in almost every way." He goes on to say that he got smarter, landed a good-paying job, got better looking, felt a deep sense of inner peace, and is now dating a supermodel. My eyes nearly popped out of my head in that wow-if-I-pick-my-eyes-back-up-and-put-them-in-my-head-I-might-actually-be-a-subject-of-a-story-in-the-Weekly-World-News-kind-of-way. As you can clearly see, fruit is so much more than just a great source of tasty nutrition. Excuse me while I go eat a pear, give my bank account time to process the money that will begin flowing directly into it and then go buy a Ferrari.
Concorde Pear: The Concorde is back and it's gonna have a party in your mouth. This is probably the last group of Concorde pears we will have in the crates this season. If you remember from early December when we saw them the first time, they can be eaten both firm and soft. When firm it eats with a peppy, crisp snap like that of an Asian Apple Pear. The fruit is shaped slightly like a russetted Bosc pear. If you prefer to wait a few days until it is soft to a gentle touch, it will ripen with a slight golden color to the skin and the sugar will mellow and smooth out the taste. We hope you like this pear. Enjoy and be fruitful!


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