Office Heros April 30, 2007

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Mr. Jackson is down on one knee, silver stopwatch in hand. He's smiling and calling out times as runners cross the orange cones at the finish line. Our entire fifth grade class is bumping up against each other as we scurry around the last curve of the mile run. Pumping arms and legs are letting fly a sea of spastic elbows and knees in the elementary school version of "Chariots of Fire" meets "Jaws." I'm convinced that someone is going to lose an eye.
As I get closer to the end, Mr. Jackson's bushy-brown-70's-beard begins to look like a bee hive. His green track suit with double-wide white piping seems blurry. It crosses my mind that I might be delirious from exhaustion. This is what champions go through I tell myself. At the finish line I hear his voice and excitement: "This is it Chris," I hear him bellow. "You've made it." He sounds like Grizzly Adams. I cross the finish line knowing that I've won my first Presidential Physical Fitness Award. Later, at the ceremony, feeling heroic, I wonder how Jimmy Carter had time to sign all of these certificates.
California Fit Business Award:
The FruitGuys would love to see your company cross that golden finish line and win the California Fit Business Award. Although my gym teacher won't be there in his green track suit, your company will be recognized for the healthy things it does. The Fit Business Award was established in 2003 to recognize organizations that are creating healthy cultures for employees. If your company gets our fruit service, then you are well on your way to creating this culture. Check out the application information here in the sidebar and good luck!
This week in Fruit:
Dan is buying organic yellow peaches for all the crates (except the Staples mix) this week. They are the first organic peaches of the summer season and boy are we excited. As summer moves north we will start to see all sorts of varieties from a mix of different growers. Now the fun fruit begins!!!
Enjoy and be fruitful!


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