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So it's a hot summer day at work and you're looking through The FruitGuys fruit crate thinking about what would be the most refreshing piece you could pick, when the light glances just right off the skin of that new green and red colored pluot sitting mellow and calm in the box. At first it seems to have a dull glow but then looking closer it morphs and swirls so that the green/red/yellow/white hues blend with the nearly transparent skin and you realize that you've now spent 5 minutes trying to figure out what color it is and what is color really anyway? You fight the odd and hypnotic beauty of this fruit and bite in. YUMMM. Refreshingly light watermelon tastes and textures melt on your tongue and you're happy and calm and you draft a memo that makes your co-workers cry with joy. They put a statue of you in the lobby because you are employee of the decade. You save a kitten when on break from your job saving kittens. Soon the founder of the company tells you that she would like to give you her beach house. You wonder what other fruits taste like and what happens when you try something else new. . .
This week there is some difference between the varieties of pluots in our crates depending on where you are located. We update our online version of our mixes every week. See what's in your office fruit delivery mix this week here.
Sprite plums. A quick hi-de-le-ho to the west coast folks exploring their fruit mixes this week. Torrey Olsen called us on Wednesday and said that he would have some very cute and tasty bite-sized organic sprite plums for us. Like the magical farmer he is, he pulled up with some super tasty fruit. These purple plums are less than two inches in diameter which is generally smaller than we like in our boxes, however we thought them unique enough to include. Thus we put 3 pieces in for every one-serving size. When you try these, I recommend really munching the skin as I think a great deal of the unique grape/blueberry taste resides there and is released by chewing. I have been known on a hot summer day to eat plums cold but I would not recommend that with these. These plums eat much better when a bit soft and warmed to room temperature. If you have to wait a day I would - the experience is well worth it. Torrey only has a few trees of these on his property so we may not see them again. Enjoy!
Speaking of blueberry flavors, east coast boxes are looking great and tasting fine with the wonderful locally farmed New Jersey blueberries we've been including. We are still waiting on the first summer peaches from our farmer in Pennsylvania - another week or two perhaps.
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Enjoy and be fruitful!


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