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California currently leads the nation in obesity rates for working-age adults. Each year employees’ poor health costs state businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity, workers’ compensations and direct and indirect medical costs, according to the state department of public health. Since 2004, the state assembly’s Taskforce on Youth and Workplace Wellness has recognized companies with at least one office in California that promote a healthy workplace. So dust off your trophy shelves and get your acceptance speeches ready, FruitFriends, it’s awards season! The deadline to apply for the 2009 California Fit Business Awards is Wednesday, June 17, 2009. Any private or non-profit company that has a single office in California is eligible, even if your headquarters is in another state.

As a FruitGuys customer, you’ve got a head start on the competition. Some of the criteria for winners includes “providing educational nutrition materials to employees,” and “access to online or electronic wellness resources,” i.e. FruitGuys newsletters and access to the Berkeley Wellness Letter; “promoting eating healthy foods” and “providing nutritious foods to employees free of charge,” i.e. your delivery of fresh and healthy FruitGuys fruit, “health fairs,” i.e. Banana-Man fruit giveaways and nutritional seminars, and “promoting physical activity,” i.e. office walking clubs, including FruitGuys pedometers! Remember, eating fresh fruit and vegetables and enjoying 30 minutes of physical activity every day can help employees manage their weight and prevent a number of chronic lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes.

Kudos to 2008 Fit Business Award winners and current FruitGuys customers Qualcomm Inc., CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company, and URS Oakland. The application and instructions are available here. In 2009, more than 70 companies applied. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the 2009 awards ceremony in October contact Leah Cox at 916-760-7448 or

- Jeff Koelemay


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