Walk Fit! Walk Fun! See Leaves!

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October is a great month to get in step with your company’s walking program. It’s autumn now, which means brisk walking in crisp air through nature’s leaf palette exploding in fully-formed 3-D HD Technicolor. While not all of us can have the classic East coast experience, there are plenty of places to get your fall fix. In the San Francisco Bay Area the Japanese Maple trees will soon be flashing red in Golden Gate Park at the Japanese Tea Garden, and there are beautiful pockets of Liquidambar (sweet gum) trees all over the Bay Area that will eventually turn red, yellow, orange, and even purple. Sonoma County and Mt. Tamalpais are loaded with gorgeous trails, and areas around Palo Alto and Sacramento are also extremely lush with fall colors this time of year. Check our events section for information on leafing by region.

If your office doesn’t have a walking club, it’s easy to start one. Just contact Erin Giordano at The FruitGuys for a how-to kit and some FruitGuys pedometers!

You can use an online calculator like this one from preventdisease.com to figure out how many calories you’ve burned by calculating pace and time walked. Here are five tips to help motivate you to walk:

  1. Get a walking buddy. Keeping each other motivated no matter what the weather. Having a partner for exercise keeps you on schedule.
  2. Register for a walking event. Register for a charity walk that will be a real challenge. Setting a goal can motivate you.
  3. Get a walking gadget. Pedometers, speed, and heart rate monitors can get you moving because it’s fun to see how far you walked, what your target heart rate is, and how many calories you burned.
  4. Keep a walking journal. Keep track of your walking minutes, steps, or mileage in a journal (or online tracker). Set yourself a reasonable goal and you will find that attaining that goal will motivate you to maintain your walking schedule.
  5. Choose the right time, and most important, HAVE FUN! Not everyone is a born 5:30 a.m. exercise machine. You can walk during lunch, after work, or in the evening at your leisure. Remember—you’re out there to enjoy the fall scenery and do something good for yourself. Don’t get stressed out.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your company get organized with a walking and exercise program. See you outside!

Jeff Koelemay


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