Workout at Work!

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Inspired by FruitGuys Banana Boot Camp? You can do it too. If your company doesn’t have the resources for a fancy exercise room and showers, don’t worry, here are some tips and resources to increase physical activity in your office.   A great start is The California Department of Public Health’s Fit Business Kit. This kit walks you through how to evaluate your office’s wellness and suggestions on how to make simple changes to encourage employees to skip the elevator and the soda, including:

  • A healthy meetings sample policy
  • How to turn your stairways into workouts
  • How to start an office walking club (don’t forget to call FruitGuys for pedometers!)

For more tips on how to beat the afternoon office slump, see Alberta, Canada’s Healthy U for workplace health tips on office ergonomics and more.

Some of the suggestions we like, and the easiest to implement are:

  • Incorporate a few minutes of simple stretching into your coffee break.
  • Commit to reducing unhealthy food choices at working meetings.
  • Talk to your supervisors about flexible work hours to accommodate exercise - for example, taking a longer lunch hour to accommodate a yoga class, made up for by coming in earlier or staying later.
  • Start a Stairwell Challenge.   Employees earn one point for each flight of stairs they go up or down, and can redeem points earned over time for company rewards.

Remember to always check with your healthcare professional before starting a new exercise program. After that, go to work and work out!

- Jeff Koelemay


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