Bacon Avocados

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Among the green treasures in your HealthCase this week lie a couple of emerald avocados. We don't know whom we have to thank for discovering the avocado, either the Incas or the Mayans, or the Aztecs, but archeologists say avocados were likely a food of extinct mastodons. Organic grower Will Carlton of Las Palmalitas Ranch says, “Avocados have survived a long time before pesticides and chemical fertilizers and they will continue to do very well without them.”

The Bacon Avocado was named after the breeder James Bacon who was not the inventor of the BLT. With careful consideration, we send this fruit to you firm, as it is as delicate as it is flavorful. To ripen, simply place the avos in a paper bag with an apple for company. Apples give off a gas  ethylene, a natural ripening agent for most fruits. Leave at room temperature for a few days. When the avocado yields just slightly to pressure—it is ripe. Ripe avocados may be refrigerated for a few days, however, opened avos should be sprinkled with lemon juice or vinegar before refrigerating to delay oxidation.


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