Freewheelin' Veggies

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The velo-rution will not be televised, it will bring you vegetables!

Some of this week’s beautiful veggies in your TakeHome box come

from Freewheelin’ Farm near Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz County).

Freewheelin’ Farm is a small CSA that makes it deliveries on

bicycles with trailers (“Our modern equivalent of the horse and

buggy!” says their website.)

This week’s TakeHome boxes include Dill, Spanish Onions and

Potatoes from Freewheelin’ Farm. And Tomatoes, Butternut

squash and Eggplant from their neighbors at Yellow Wall Farm on the

warmer side of town. Not only is Santa Cruz a bike-positive town, it

has many microclimates that enable an array of veggies to be grown

year round.

The fresh scent of dill in your TakeHome boxes this week may inspire

gourmet cooking ideas or simply accent your bagel with cream cheese.

Dill is like that, a distinctive aromatic herb. The leaf can be used

fresh or dried. The seed is actually the fruit of the plant and is

also used in cooking or ground as a salt substitute.

The name dill comes from the Norse "dilla" for "to lull". Its

properties are demulcent and calming. In old time America dill was

called "meetin' seed" because it was given to children to nibble on

during long Sunday sermons. Like its sister caraway dill is an aide to


Check out the Freewheelin’ Farm website for upcoming Farm Art

Show 10.24. Plenty of bike parking, food and farm friendly fun!

Call up your friends, dilly, dilly;

Set them to work.

Some to the plough, dilly dilly;

Some to the fork.

“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the

future of the human race.”

- H.G. Wells


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