Parade of Pears

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Autumn brings us a cornucopia of fruits with a concentration in apples and pears.

As we move into the fall harvest season, we wanted you to know a little more about this tasty and varied fruit. 18th century Belgians are given the credit for cultivating the pear's buttery characteristics we adore today. Previous to that, wild pears were crispy, like the asian apple pear. The Bartlett's sport (a new genetic and natural variation that appears on existing trees) was discovered in Berkshire England in 1770 where it is still popular under the name Williams. The queen of pears, Comice, was discovered in France's Loire Valley. In the US, the handy little Seckel Pear was coveted by a Philadelphia man until 1870 when he sold the tree to Mr. Seckel who cultivated it to it's current popularity.

All of these pear varieties grow well in our US soil. They are plucked fresh from the trees and sent to you in the beginning stages of ripeness to prevent damage to their delicate constitutions. Let your pears sit for a few days or hasten their ripening by placing them in a bag with an apple.   Check ripeness by pressing the stem for give. Remember, pears ripen from the inside out. We hope you enjoy this family of jewels this year. The FruitGuys love all the pears, and don't name favorites. "You love the one you're with."


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