Parlet with Parsley

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Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) needs a PR agency. Sadly, for years

parsley has clung to the edge of entree platters and was used as

borders in deli display cases to make the other food look

“fresh.” In ancient times even the Greeks ran

screaming from the sight of it. According to Plutarch, the ancient

Greek historian, an under-equipped Celtic ruler avoided attack by

Greek troops by capitalizing on their fear of parsley as The Herb of

Death. When he sent hundreds of donkeys blanketed in the herb to meet

the attackers, they turned and fled.

The parsley in your TakeHome box this week is Greeeat! Four out of

five chefs recommend parsley for cooking. Parsley really is the herb

that refreshes. It is abundant in chlorophyll, a well-known breath

freshener, and chock full of essential vitamins: just 2 tablespoons

provide 10 mg of Vitamin C.

Parsley keeps well. Store it as you would any cut flower. Snip off the

ends to freshen, then place the bunch in a partially filled glass of

water. Place a plastic bag over the bouquet and store in the fridge.

Pinch off leaves as needed to add a fresh taste to soup, salads and

pastas—or if you must, use as a garnish.

There are two main varieties of parsley, curly or flat/Italian - same

great taste! Parsleys refreshing taste pairs well with many foods. It

makes a delightful contrast with potatoes or dumplings and stands out

in Toubuleh, a well-known Middle Eastern dish. So the Parsley Council

would like you to reconsider parsley—it’s the herb

that tries harder.


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