Send In the Clowns

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Among the royal artichokes, stately cauliflower, and bunched spinach

in your TakeHome box this week are a cuppala clowns: Radicchio &

Rapini are trickster vegetables, cheeky as the famous Rastellis, or

any of the classic Italian clowns of Europe. You may think the crimson

and white radicchio di Treviso is a little head of lettuce - but no,

this harlequin has a surprising bite. Radicchio is known as Italian

chicory. And just like Chico Marx could turn a phrase upside-down,

cooking or grilling can temper the leaves of radicchio. The Radicchio

this week comes from Coke Farms in San Juan Bautista CA, that's Coke

with a silent "e."

Rapini is another actor in the box. Stage name is Broccoli Rabe. Rob?

No, Raab. Bob? It looks like Broccolini, trademarked hybrid, but

it’s not. Rapini are Broccoletti, a cabbage relative. Cut up

the leaves and the thin stems. Sauté with garlic, onion, and a

splash of white wine and it will reveal layers of nutty flavors and

textures like a troupe of clowns getting out of a tiny car.

These vegetable jesters are old world vegetables, not new-fangled or

genetically modified (FruitGuys does not purchase GMO foods). They

have long had their place in the cuisines of the Mediterranean,

employed in the balance of sweet and bitter. Strips of radicchio are

often combined in tender salads greens. Not just to add contrast, but

the bitterness also aids digestion. Radicchio contains intybin, a

substance with analgesic effect and reputation as being a tonic for

circulation and digestion. Groucho Marx did say, "One clown is better

than two aspirin.”


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