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The first peachy fingers of dawn reach over the Salinas Valley

lighting Efren Avalos' work as he cuts florets of broccoli for the

FruitGuys TakeHome box. “I harvest the same day I

deliver,” says Avalos. He brings his produce directly from his

Hollister, CA farm to the FruitGuys where it is boxed and delivered to

subscribers’ desks at work. FruitGuys TakeHome gives existing

San Francisco Bay Area clients the ability to offer their employees

the chance to get exceptional weekly produce at a great price.

Employees can set up their own FruitGuys account and the easy-to-carry

“fruit-case” is delivered to the office to take home.

Each week we offer a diverse mix of fresh, regional organic vegetable

and fruit mixes starting at just $24.

TakeHome delivery at work is easy to order and maintain. Each

Monday you receive an email reminder and link to that week's mix; you

can change the size of your box, your choice of veggies only, fruit

only, or fruit and veggies, or postpone your order for that week.

FruitGuys’ Buyer Rebecca coordinates directly with local

family farmers and regional suppliers to find the best in seasonal

produce. Weekly customer feedback permits farmers like Avalos to know

just how much to harvest for the FruitGuys.

Each week’s TakeHome box includes a newsletter with the

history, lore, and preparation of featured vegetables, as well as a

selection of seasonal recipes using the box’s ingredients.

“I really enjoy this program because it brings the customers

and farmers together,” says FruitGuy Bridget, who runs

TakeHome. “TakeHome is a great way to make local organic

agriculture convenient.”

TakeHome boxes are hand packed and delivered to customer's desks, or

company reception, by noon on Thursdays. Customers love the mid-week

delivery of farmer's market-fresh fare. “Upon opening the box,

I was stunned by the glorious colors that jumped out at me - purples,

oranges, greens. I just had to stare at it for a few moments to

appreciate the loveliness contained in my little box!" says Suzanne

Holthaus, who receives her weekly vegetable box at Oracle.

The cost of the weekly subscription is competitive with natural food

stores, but the selection of regional food is

incomparable—you’ll only find it through the

FruitGuys. The TakeHome box closes securely and has an easy-to-carry

handle; the average weight is about 10 pounds, depending on order size

and your mix. The FruitGuys can pick up the empty boxes from your

office with your next delivery, but many customers love to re-use them

for everything from kids’ briefcases to storage to wine bottle


The FruitGuys is committed to healthy snacks at the workplace, and is

pleased to offer the TakeHome box to employees of our regular San

Francisco Bay Area customers as an additional wellness benefit. Call

or contact us today to get fresh produce and recipes for dinner

delivered right to your desk each week. Instead of work, take wellness

home tonight.


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