The Apple Will See You Now

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Since we're in the business of delivering fruit as a wellness benefit, we hear it all the time”¦ but at The FruitGuys we never tire of the adage, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." We live it and we love it. We might even add: a banana a day keeps the internist at bay. A kiwi for the pulmonologist, a grapefruit for the opthamologist, and if you contemplate a passion fruit for 50 minutes, you may not need a shrink. We even heard a funny radio ad that said pears keep away hard feelings (we think all fruits do). But it is the apple on our plate that still deserves a lot of credit.

Apples contain pectin, a wonderful aid to reducing high cholesterol as well as blood sugar. Pectin in apples also provides a whopping 3.7 grams of healthy soluble fiber. Apples contain high concentrations of potassium, folic acid, and vitamin C; as well as 16 little power packs of polyphenol antioxidants, especially in the skin. A more detailed discussion about quercitin, a polyphenol anti-inflammatory and antihistamine, is available in the September issue of the Berkeley Wellness Letter. To get the most out of your quercetin consumption, stay away from pills or supplements and stick to natural sources—such as the skins of fruits and vegetables, including apples.

Serious apple fans (who also remember 80's commercials) chant "low calorie, yet filling!" A medium sized apple checks in with only 81 calories of good food value, and lots of great fiber to keep you feeling full. Apples are also 25% air, which make them a great addition to a weight loss plan (it's why they float, and the signature "crunch" of a fresh apple is the sound of the air pockets between cells breaking). One study showed folks who ate an apple before a meal ate 200 calories less during that meal. That's a savings of 119 calories!

Of course, just one well-polished apple isn't a magic silver bullet. Good health comes from an entire self-care regime, in the preventative measures you take and compromises you make with genes you've been dealt. But an apple a day can make a difference. The choice you make to ditch the candy bar or soda and grab a Gravenstein or juicy Spitzenburg instead is the foundation of self health care.

Among all the important things apples represent for us, however, at The FruitGuys we're most excited about bringing you a fresh, delicious, local harvest and sharing the autumn season with you. Rebecca knocked on barn doors throughout Sonoma to find the first Gravensteins of the year. Erin M. came up with a crop of Pink Ladies in Chicago. And along the bi-ways and old turnpikes of Pennsylvania, Benn has found Jonamacs, Jonathans, Empires and (coming soon!) heirloom York Imperials. There are said to be 2500 apples varieties in the US. That's an apple a day till March 2015!


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