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Zeus and Demeter are in a relationship

Zeus and Demeter are attending THE BIRTH OF PERSEPHONE at Mt. Olympus

Persephone is learning a lot about plants, and playing with the nymphs

Persephone is wondering why mom won't let her friend any nice Gods like Apollo...

Persephone is innocently picking flowers

Persephone Hey! Let me go!

Persephone has been kidnapped by Hades

Hades changed his status to: in a relationship

Demeter is looking for Persephone

Helios she's down there with Hades, the Nymphs didn't help her

Nymphs status changed to Sirens

Farmville has crashed, no crops, no bushels of food

Zeus wrote on Hades wall: return Persephone or the people will starve

Hades commented: ok—but she'll be back :)

Farmville is up and running again

Persephone is in a relationship with Hades

Menthe loves being a Nymph

Menthe loves Hades, she's hot for God of the Underworld!!!

Persephone wall-to-wall: keep your little Nymphy hands off my Dude!

Menthe’s status has changed from Nymph to plant

The FruitGuys are fans of Menthe the Mint

Persephone turned the little Menthe into a plant, but you have to wonder who has the last laugh now. While the Greek gods drama has become the fabric of classic narratives, mint has propagated all around the world. Delightfully refreshing, there are some 25 species and 100 varieties, such as spearmint and peppermint, which calm tummies and tempers. Catmint is the gateway mint for our feline friends. So many mints, so little time! Experience the wonderful scent of the fresh Peppermint Bergamot in your TakeHome case.

Peppermint Bergamot has a hint of the citrus scent used in Earl Grey tea but is unrelated to the Bergamot orange. This member of the mint family can be made into tea from the fresh stem or dried leaf. The grower Jesse Kuhn of Marin Roots in Petaluma (Sonoma County) prepares it as a “sun tea.” Simply put a few stems in a jar with good water and place in the sun for a few hours, then enjoy. Or tear the leaves into tiny bits as a refreshing garnish to couscous or tabouleh.

Heidi Lewis writes about farms, bees, and fruit from her home in Sonoma County, CA. She's been with The FruitGuys since they were FruitKids.


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