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Night Hike & Campfire for Adults
Sep 16
Philadelphia, PA

Tasting Fest - Locally Grown September 21
New York, NY

Fall Butterflies at Confluence of Potomac and Occoquan September 25
Woodbridge, VA

WEST Helping Businesses Grow Healthy September 7
San Jose, CA

Butterflies and Bulldozers - film screening September 28
San Francisco, CA

Learn Bicycle Touring - Organic Farm Route October 1-8
Bay Area, CA

SOUTHWEST Climate Change in Arizona September 8
Tempe, AZ

Slow Food $5 Challenge September 17
Phoenix, AZ

National Public Lands Day: AZ Projects September 24

CENTRAL Nature's Architects - Bees for Kids Ends September 18
Chicago, IL

TomatoFest Potluck @ Honey Co-op
September 24
Chicago, IL

Heirloom Apple Tour & Cider Mill October 2
Manchester, MI


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