What’s in Season: November

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Sandy has come and gone, but the impact isn't over.  Our farmers have had flooding, power outages, and damage to infrastructure and houses.  Despite the challenges, local farmers are still working hard to make sure we get the delicious produce that they so preciously grow. Three Springs Fruit Farm and Beechwood Orchards are bringing new varieties of apples every week. The onions and purple sweet potatoes from Landisdale Farm survived the storm and will make their way into our veggie crates. And there are root veggies to be roasted in November: potatoes, turnips, beets, celeriac... Keep your eye out for all the different colors!

Look for a plethora of root veggies to keep you on your toes and leafy greens to sparkle up your plates!  Beets, parsnips, celeriac, and a wide variety of potatoes are coming this month. Iron Creek Farm in LaPorte, Indiana, always amazes with their beautiful radishes, multi-colored beets, and white sweet potatoes. Genesis Growers continues to provide small onions, plus parsnips and turnips for roasting.

Around Thanksgiving week, Duncan Family Farms will begin harvesting in Arizona. We hope to get a variety of kales, lettuces, carrots, and radishes for you from this organic farm.

November is a feast for the eyes, with bright red pomegranates, gorgeous green apples, and pears galore. Yellow Wall Farm in Santa Cruz and Gabriel Farm in Sebastopol will have their organic Fuyu persimmons, which are a real treat, and best when eaten firm. Peppers are still around so enjoy them before they’re gone. Tomatoes are pretty much done but potatoes are still going strong.  Lots of delicious leafy greens coming off now – so nutritious!


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