Fruit Fairy Fa-La-La-La-La

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Lots of magic going on out there this time of year. It’s a veritable traffic jam of elves, animated snowmen, flying reindeer, and fairies. The Fruit Fairy has been promoting her “Fruit not Candy” campaign using some rather mischievous methods. If you haven’t seen the news coverage of the Fruit Fairy’s pranks, we’ve made a little collection for you:

Pink Page Reviews: Pineapple Princess

During last night’s Nutcracker performance, after a series of perfect chaí®nés turns, prima ballerina Anna Banana Pavolochka, in the part of Sugar Plum Fairy, paused to clutch her head. The ballerina seemed as bemused as the audience to find, instead of a tiara atop her head, a sparkly pineapple. A spokeswoman for the ballet suspects the prank was perpetrated by the Fruit Fairy.

Metro Mall News: Candy Cane Caper

On Friday morning, the plaza’s Christmas tree had all of its candy canes removed and replaced with several bunches of red and green grapes. Mall authorities were concerned that visiting school children would be disappointed at the unconventional ornaments. But when Ms. Knoblouch’s kindergarten class arrived to view the tree, the children replied in unison, “We love grapes!” The mystery of who could’ve scaled the 100-foot tree is still unresolved.

oranges-xmasKTFG Radio: Tangy Toes

Light traffic this morning due to massive delays caused by folks up and down the coast dealing with difficult socks. People of all walks of life found mandarin oranges inside their hosiery. “I was like—whoa!” said Joe from Mountain View, CA. We called the Fruit Fairy for comment: “I just couldn’t, couldn’t, wait until the 25th to stuff sweet goodies inside peoples’ stockings. There are so many delicious Pixies, Clementines, Fairchilds, Royals, Satsumas, and Dancy tangerines! So many mandarins, so little socks!”

The Fruit Fairy and The FruitGuys wish you a fun and fruit-filled holiday!


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